Saturday, January 24, 2009

A couple of newsworthy nest happenings

Blackwater has its first egg liad on Fri Jan 23. Above is one of the adults most likely Lady Blackwater caring for her egg tonight.

Bartons Cove news

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Click here for A Special story about Love for those of you who love eagles...they obviously at times in the right situation can also bond awfully close to a human being

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Memoriam of Jean Keene..The Eagle Lady

I am so thankful that this lady lived to see her so Beloved Birds make it off of the Endangered Species list. This must have been a thrill for her.

Homer will never be quite the same without her and many eagles have a bit of life adjustment to make. I am grateful that she was allowed to continue to feed these birds however for her lifetime.

A brief quote from the Homer Tribune article

This winter was different from the previous seasons of her octogenarian years. Having survived several bouts of illness, she knew she wouldn't be heaving any boxes or barrels of fish donations over the bed of her blue Sierra GMC pickup.
"I can have a friend help bring the boxes to where I can throw it," Keene said. "I'm not as young as I used to be. I'll never be as strong as I was."
Keene had two spells in the hospital this summer and got around with the aid of a walker. Yet her blue eyes lit up as she talked about greeting the eagles she had devoted her life to carrying through winter for the better part of three decades, in an interview Nov. 12.
"I love eagles and all wildlife. They have a hard time in the winter,"

And some tales of the individual eagles whose life she made a direct difference to in Jean's own words.

"There's one pair I call Lloyd and Mabel, after friends of mine. They stay together on the Spit. It's unusual to see eagles stay together as a couple," Keene said.
"Another is a rehab bird, Betsy, that is 15 years old, at least. She hangs out and sits pretty close to me whenever I come out."
She encounters the wounded that might not otherwise make it through the winter, one-eyed or one-legged soldiers from battles Keene can only guess at. One was an eagle with its lower beak shot off. It couldn't eat fish in the usual way, so it needed a more liquid meal of egg clumps it could siphon up, as if using a straw, she said.
Keene reports the injured birds to the Fish and Wildlife Service. Usually they are picked up and taken to Dr. James Scott at the Bird Learning Rescue Center in Anchorage. One that Keene named Spirit Dance seared off its white head feathers after it ran into a cable. It was healed at the center, and then was returned to Keene to release it back to the wild.

My Tribute to Jean

Please allow me to use a song you have heard in my posts many times before BUT this time it is carried on the heartstrings of many and it is Dedicated to Jean from the Eagles ...especially those she cared for personally in so very many ways.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Cute video from West End pair

You Tube from Tom Otto re Wild Watch cams

While searching for news on the Sidney nests I came across this
old video by Harry : I think you are gonna love this...I know I
surely did.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Star Visit

I have had the priviledge of having another Traveling Eagle at my home over the Holidays. This one is very special to me indeed. She is Star K83 my adopted eagle.

Advice from an Eagle....for our New Year

Let your spirit soar. See the big picture. Cherish Freedom. Honor the earth and sky. Keep your goals in sight. Bald is beautiful. Fly HIgh!!!!

Please enjoy her smilebox memory of our visit together.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Eagle Lovers

Since I received no updates on webcams since my last Blog post here I will assume the info here is adequate for at least now.
Lets take a look at the happenings around the nestcams.
Word has it this pair has begun that "Lets make a family activity" and food also has been brought to the nest. Lets hope they bring lots more food on a regular basis to this nest once there are young. last year I believe first egg was Jan 17. Keep and eye and ear out for this one.
Folks are absolutely loving watching this pair. This is gonna be one of the great nests this year as far as it looks now. Once again here is the link to this cam if you haven't checked it out.
Santa Cruz K 10 and K 26 are behaving like the "Honeymooners" yes the TV show, like last year it makes you wonder if they really even like each other but they return year after year together and do their thing. Guess it works for them.
Two Harbors
81 and 82 both greeted us with Happy New Year appearances today. Think only 82 had actually been seen on the nest prior to this. So nice to see this pair back again for a new season.
West End Wray and Superman making many appearances. Nestorations appear well underway. Cam has been zoomed in so that we can see and enjoy the goings on more.
Nothing to report from Tesoro except that Tess continues to do well. I am grateful we did get to see a beautiful and successful season on this cam last year.
Cape Coral
I am reading that they are trying to repair Eagle cam II, but still no cam is online. Keeping talons crossed.

That is definitely in my book anyway an "As the Nest Turns" webcam. Still much variety of opinion on who is in the nest etc. However the eagle sitings there are on a very regular basis. There seems to be no more dependable webcam online despite the kinds of weather that is experienced there.
Lake Washington
Last years Hide and seek nest has changed its cam angle. The pair has been seen there. Keep your eagle eyes posted on this one.

Liberty and Belle continue to make nest appearances and nestorations. Belle was even seen sleeping int he nest in the wee hours of the morning back a few days ago. This nest has live and sound this year. You can zoom the cam in and move it around the nest to your likings. it will be a fun one also.
Well the cam has been repositioned in the old nest tree and was online for a few days. Evidently a few technical problems so we are expecting it back working as beautifully as ever any day now. Sure wishing this pair a much Happier New Year.
One of the super photographers who shares so many gorgeous photos of the Norfolk pair posted a hilarious video on You Tube. Seems he loves eagles, BUT he has this "Cardinal friend" driving him a little batty.
Oregon Cam Its snowing or at least the nest is covered with snow. Somehow I think you already knew that. Man what a gorgeous nest sight. Sure would love to see a family raised there this year.

The final image can be clicked on to enlarge and saved if you like. It is one of many I have taken in my area while the eagles winter by the local locks and dams. The eagle has a huge fish and is my way of

Wishing All of our Eagle Pairs a Very Happy Healthy and well fed New Year.

You can see many more photos like these and almost daily Feature Photos by clicking here at Glo's Glimpses. Hope you will stop by or choose to subscribe to be notified and new photos are added there. I am so enjoying the eagles this year as always.