Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keep the Eagles Soaring

If you haven't already done so, please do this

For the Love of Eagles

Go here, read the information and express your concern for these eagles now.

We only have til Sept 4 for Public Response. Lets make sure they "Hear Us Loud and Clear".

You don't even have to compose your own letter if you would rather not do that. There is already a very good response written for you. Just fill in the info for yourself and send it on its way.

And when you are finished with your letter, tell others about it as well.

Flood their email with public outcry. Man we almost lost them once and now that they have just become healthy enough to come off the endangered list some want to pass laws to kill them instead of protect them.

I guess some will never learn, but its not to late for the REST of us YET!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Final Tribute for Limuw

Video below captured by Kim and Jess of Limuw soaring over Santa Cruz

From Judy B
I think the pain and sorrow and loneliness are ours - not his. His passing was almost certainly instantaneous - no time for pain or fear. I don't think his spirit even noticed what it had left behind by the side of the road as it took off to new adventures in realms beyond the sky.

Above is just a small sample of the many Tributes being posted at the IWS forum which of course is the home nest of this our A 63 Sweet Peeps "Limuw"

We now move on touched once again with


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For All those who Love Eagles and This Eagle in particular

If you have not already done so, when you read this will you go here and join us by clicking the link just below in

a Candlelight Memorial to Limuw;

Once you have followed that link you will see the candles already lit over the past day or so for Limuw. Please read some of the Tributes and then click on the wick of an unlit candle and leave your own.

My guess is this young eagles life has touched the hearts of Eagle Lovers around the world. They just need to know about the Candle Memorial. So please also share the link freely with others who might also want to know and participate.

Look at the Courage and Strong Spirit of this young one one more time...that is exactly what he would want portrayed in the hearts of those humans he has left behind if he could tell us. I think he showed it to us more than once as so vividly portrayed in this photo taken by Jim Spickler as he completed the banding of A63 Limuw...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Not such good news for this new post

This was just posted on the IWS forum.

I'm sorry to announce that A-63 is dead.

He was found in the middle of a road in northern Nevada on Wednesday, August 15th by a gentlemen driving by at 70 mph who saw our bird with wingmarkers, etc. and stopped to check it out because he thought someone was probably tracking it. He got our phone number off the GPS unit and also called the Bird Banding Lab number on the leg band. We can only assume that he was killed by a car while scavenging for food on the highway. The GPS unit had been knocked off and run over, but our good samaritan is going to send it to us anyways. He choose not to pick up the carcass because he didn't want to carry around a dead animal, it would have been illegal and he would have carried it across state lines without the proper permits. By now it has probably been dragged off by scavengers, so we won't attempt to recover it. Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

Eagle Guy AKA Dr Sharpe

A Tribute for an Awesome yet Very very young Eagle.....Soar on through Eternity you have had more of an effect on the lives of many humans than you will ever know, or we will ever forget!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Loved it so wanted to share it with all of you

Read this on the Hancock forum today

Wings of an Eagle

Sometimes, it's the Wind,
Sometimes it's the Calm.
Something about clouds
Swirling around.

Sometimes its the wheat fields
as they dance in the light.
Or the sounds of the leaves
as they make there last flight.
The sounds of the ocean,
the waves as they crash,

Something so small or something so large,
Or even at times, it's nothing at all.

The splendor of the things,
that touch to the soul
Stir the depths of emotion,
from places unknown.

A feeling, there are but few words to describe,
It's of love and respect, excitement and calm
A place of perspective,
The center of peace.

A place once you have been there,
Your faith, will increase
A feeling of knowing,
Not in futures untold,
but that what ever life brings you,
You will carry on.

It's a feeling a flight,
High into the sky,
A place of such lightness
tears touch your eyes.

Not tears of fear, nor tears of pain,
Nor tears of sorrow,
though they can mingle and blend

Tears of a Joy, that can push you
to fear,
The fear of flying that we all hear.

But should you have the courage
to fly:
The courage to look on into the sky,
To gaze from the heights to the earth far below,
To feel the wind rush straight to your soul.

Your life will never
be what it once was

You'll find new beauty in the places you live,
You'll feel for another as if your own pain,
The Smiles you share, will come from the depths or your heart,
And the joys that it brings you,
There is nothing to compare,
Except of course,
The feeling of light;
With the Wings of an Eagle
The freedom of Flight.

by, D.Enise

Copyright 2001. D.Enise
All rights reserved

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tribute to Florida Maine and West Virginia

If you find yourself not able to read some of what is written here because of the speed of the movie just merely hit pause and finish that screen; hit unpause and contine to enjoy th movie.

A tribute to 3 Beautiful Pairs of Eagles

Also as we wrap up the 2007 Season I want to mention that the Maine cam is often online and an eagle can occasionally be seen on the nest. Check it out you might get lucky.

Remember all of the cams are linked on the left side of the For the Love of Eagles BLOG.

ALSO if you are interested in a souvenir from this year, I have made a few items for you to look at. None of these have any mark up. There is no profit. I want a souvenir or two and I think some of you may also like to have something. So take a look if you like.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Memories of Santa Cuiz nest

Thanks to HulaBunee for these 2 beautiful videos of Memories to the Santa Cruz nest, home of A 63 Limuw and His Mom and Dad.

Memories part 1

Memories part 2

I have one more Memories video to post but it is not quite ready yet. Will post it in a couple of days.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Memories of 2007 Continued

The story of Star and her extended family from Coast to Coast.

Watch from the BLOG or go to You Tube and have the option of a larger screen if you prefer.