Monday, March 01, 2010

Why Is the Eagle Count down in our Country

I don't post much on this Blog now. There are a multitude of sources for up to date info on the various online nests and I have Glo's Glimpses for my photography etc BUT when I read this CLICK HERE I knew it belonged over here for anyone who is concerned for our Bald eagles. Lets not deny there is an obvious problem yet we can not decide what the problem is. The count is down more than 40% in places. This is a fairly long but informative and thought provoking read. I hope if you are an eagle or Wildlife lover at all that you will take the time to at least see the question. We need to find the answer and we need to give the funds to find it sooner rather than later. Delisting is in the way of funding release however. Just one facet of the problem that this article points out.