Monday, April 30, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26

As always thanks to all who send and share pictures with me for the FilmLoop. It is so very much appreciated.

Welcome Baby Puget Sound

The biggest Good news is the new little eaglet at Puget Sound pictured on blog top.
The most disturbing eagle excahnge I have ever seen happened at the Maine nest for like 2 hours this afternoon. Here is a link to that event

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24 and April 25

This cute little gif was made by Shoebutton, one of the Maine cam viewers. They are hoping the recent sightings of both Mom and Dad at the nest means there is still a chance of another clutch this season.

What a Beautiful way to start this day.thanks to Judy in Miane for this gorgeous clip.

To view this you must copy and paste to your Windows Media Player. You will be glad that you did.

Article about an interesting visit to a zoo in Bloomington IL

You can never have too much to eat at an Eagle's Nest

Monday, April 23, 2007

Great photos of an injured eagle found in Jan. and released to Freely Soar on Sunday April 22. Thanls Bird of Prey for this information.
A fun way to start the week, a short video in French celebrating the early morning feeding of Saanich eaglet

An enjoyable clip from Bartons Cove sunday Thanks Sharon

Info on Hornsby
Doug Carrick's updated report on the Hornby Mom and Dad and the two eggs that have been laid this spring. They are due to hatch April 28th (this Saturday) and May 2nd. Will keep you posted as I know we have many fans and fond memories of the this beautiful pair who started the ball rolling and turned many of us into eagleholics.

Harry: the true friend of the Eagle Pair at Saanich spent some time filming them yesterday: Here is his Beautiful work.
Todays FilmLoop

Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22

Thanks to su from the Maine forum for this video

Sometimes a Dad has to work extra hard for a little Daddy Daughter time

Thanks to Vicky for this video of West End...chicks are getting big

Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20

First there is a new baby eaglet at Saanich

Copy and paste into Windows Media player to watch the first feeding

A Big Thank You to Sierra from the Hancock forum who captured this priceless memory

Second there is a New eagle Cam out of Stanley Park in BC
you will find it linked with all the other cams at the side of the BLOG in alphabetical order. This one will say BC Stanley Park.

Here is a cute link to an early wake up call with the Triplets from Norfolk LOL

Peace and Serenity in Maine, Healthy babies in Bartons Cove and a Brand New Baby Eaglet to see from.......

The courtship Flight

The eagle pair stays together for life…
And each year they renew their vows in
The ceremonial courtship flight the eagle
Pair, high in the sky, performs a beautiful
Ballet of wings in motion. At one point
The eagles fly away from each other, then
Turn and glide towards each other again.
As they approach one eagle turns up side
down as the two extends their legs and
locks talons… The unity of this moment
is what inspired me to do the painting…
and then, an extraordinary free fall of
rolling and tumbling together as one. Oh,
what magnificent birds-what a gift, that
of flight. What surrounds us if
we only take the time to see.

By... Mario Fernandez

" Each year a Bald Eagle couple will renew their life-long commitment in a courtship flight. The pair engages in a crescendo of airborne acrobatics. At the finale of this dance, they lock talons and, intensely mesmerized by each other, share a dazzling and daring free fall from the sky. For hundreds of feet they tumble together at incredible speeds and then.... just before they reach the surface of the water below, they create magic, opening their wings and break away. The courtship flight is at an end. The vows are renewed, and life together will continue. "

Quote by... Mario Fernandez

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18 sadness in Maine, and a smile from Norfolk and Santa Cruz

Like so many others I can find no words as I stop to check the Maine Forum for info this morning. I just wanted to say another storm has proven too much for a stalwert pair of eagles and the Maine nest has lost their little ones in this very sad. I liked the first report better before we got to see their young, and watch them try to weather the storm much like many of us did with Belle at the NCTC nest. Another nest has lost its young due to the extreme weather conditions and we who watch are among many many who are saddened once again today, and our hearts ache for the Pair of Eagles we came to so admire from Maine.

As some are saying on the forum this will give Ddad a chance to hopefully heal now. And Mom will not be sitting there all day in the drenching rain and cold wind. They too did their best, but they lost.

Yet there are people out their whose nests were barely nearing the fledging stage who have lost their kids to a senseless tragedy at VA Tech. A time to weep is upon is once again as a nation.

And as far as Little Miracle and Stormy...who may also be referred to as Angel, their few short hours in this world has rewritten some of what the "experts" thought they knew about eagles. The facts on eagles now because of the two hatchings will include something such as....

From Judy B of the Maine forum

Recent studies have shown that eggs in a well-constructed nest with a deep well-insulated nest bowl can be left untended in sub-zero temperatures and still hatch.

I find saying goodbye is harder because I've seen Miracle (and maybe Stormy) but if it weren't for their brief lives, we'd know less about eagles than we do now.

I know in my head that Dad will have a better chance to heal over the summer if he doesn't have to provide for a nest, but that seems mighty cold comfort right at the moment.

Rest in peace, little guys.

On a lot lighter note I made a Feel Good Movie starring Eaglet number 3 from Norfolk, and a very cute litle fuzzball from Santa Cruz

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17 news

Links to todays Banding of the Eagles at NO

Link 1

Link 2

Since I had to go to work shortly after the completion of the banding I really don't know what happened as far as the parents returning to the nest etc.

Saanich Although I do not think it has been officially confirmed one of the adult eagles on the Saanich nest was seen removing what appeared to be a broken eggshell with the embryo attached today.

Maine continues to deal with wind and rain, and mention on the forum that Dads talon does seem to be causing him more problems probably aggravated by the weather conditions. There have ben at least 2 days now where we can not confirm for sure that either parent has been able to offer any kind of feeding to the very young eaglets in the nest when the storm hit.

Bartons Cove Cam has been down for several days and we have no idea how that nest with the two young but slightly older than Maine chicks have weathered the storm either.

Well Thats all for today folks. I have pictures to add to a Loop tomorrow night and will add those for both days.

Monday, April 16, 2007

April 15 and 16


Such a severe storm on the east coast, and the Maine nest has had their share of bad weather. Also in this video is a short clip of Saanich...they are very close to a hatch anytime now:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 15 news and info about our Eagles

Thanks to willpatt for this link to one of many feedings of 2 chicks in Maine from yesterday.

News in and around Eagleland for Sunday April 15

In more Maine news an Owl was seen around the Maine nest more than once during the night. Dad sleeps at the nest to help protect the young. see an animation of the Mom and Dads reaction here.

To see a video of the owl visits go here

1. They are going to be banding the eagle babies in Norfolk on Tuesday am between 8:30 and 9:00.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

April 13 and 14

With the multitude of videos all week I decided to make a FilmLoop today of some of the eagle families in the nests that haven't had much coverage the last few days. I hope you will enjoy it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Two fun videos from CA nests

Another 2 eaglets fostered into Two Harbors nest.

Welcome Santa Cruise baby

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SO MUCH "Eggciting news for today"

Maine who had been reported earlier as a nest failure surprised their fans with a Hatched chick.

And from annsvaa Celebratory Video for the Maine nest.

Wonderful video footage is now availabel for the chicks fostered into West End

and and the Twin Rocks in CA.

Again we all extend our thanks and congratulations to Dr Sharpe and his team for their astounding work and success with these eagles as well as their willingness to share these moments with us.

And just when we thought the excitement was over DR Sharpe announced he was fostering chicks into Two harbors this afternoon. Here is a FilmLoop...I have lots of Footage and will make a video of the event tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11

Thanks to Sharon Feeney for this photo of the Bartons Cove nest with the swans also located in the area. Sharon is fortunate to live and work near this nest.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10 sad news from Maine, Looks good for egg 2 at Colorado

Wing has just posted to the Bioversity Blog:
Nest Failure
I have just confirmed that the birds have failed in this nesting attempt in a correspondence with Charlie Todd from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries Wildlife. An aerial survey was conducted on April 7th (as some of you noted) and the observers got a good look at the nest. They did not see any eggs in the nest. Additional info can be gotten by going to the Maine Blog website.

Also the day at Maine continues dramatic as another perhaps immature intruder pays a visit

An article aobut the NCTC Eagles Liberty and Belle, and the snowstorm that took their 3 eggs/eaglets

Good News for Colorado Feeding is going well, and 2nd egg is definitely pipping /cracking

The Toddlers who now live with their family at West End are all doing great. One of them has been named Harry after Houdini because it is always escaping ....gonna be an interesting little eaglet...Oh my more Eaglet Momster stress!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

5 pieces of Great Eagle News for you

Welcome Baby Colorado

Make a A Quick visit to Maine

Baby number 2 is in the nest at Bartons Cove. I did manage to get a short clip of film when the cam was working

Good News for the Eagles and not so Good news for the Cam at Bartons Cove: Northeast Utilities:

Because the eagles are still listed as an endangered species, there are strict guidelines that we must follow regarding access to the island so that we do not disturb the eagles. The eagles are usually present from January through early November depending on the weather.

In years past, when the tree was climbable, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) would access the island, climb the tree, band the bird, and give it a physical examination. This would also give an electrical technician an opportunity to tag along to check out and repair any problems associated with the camera. Since the tree is no longer safe to climb, the DCR and USFWS group no longer make an annual foray to the island during the eagle nesting season. In order to not disturb the nesting eagles, the next time that electrical technicians will be able to access the island will be in November or December of 2007

In case you missed it on the news: here is a link to the report NBC did over the weekend on the Bald Eagles on the Catalina Island

More pictures from around the eagle cams

A West End Miracle

You Tube now seems to take a long time to process videos. THIS VIDEO IS AVAILABLE WHEN they get it please check back

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Biggest news is at West End Nest

The 3 baby chicks which were hatched in an incubator were placed back in the West End nest a little after 4 PM pacific time. it was awesome to watch. I have a multitude of photos and short video clips to edit. I will work on doing osmething fun and special with this materail tomorrow. For tonight here is a link to a nice slide
show of the event as it unfolded.