Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 10 sad news from Maine, Looks good for egg 2 at Colorado

Wing has just posted to the Bioversity Blog:
Nest Failure
I have just confirmed that the birds have failed in this nesting attempt in a correspondence with Charlie Todd from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries Wildlife. An aerial survey was conducted on April 7th (as some of you noted) and the observers got a good look at the nest. They did not see any eggs in the nest. Additional info can be gotten by going to the Maine Blog website.

Also the day at Maine continues dramatic as another perhaps immature intruder pays a visit

An article aobut the NCTC Eagles Liberty and Belle, and the snowstorm that took their 3 eggs/eaglets

Good News for Colorado Feeding is going well, and 2nd egg is definitely pipping /cracking

The Toddlers who now live with their family at West End are all doing great. One of them has been named Harry after Houdini because it is always escaping ....gonna be an interesting little eaglet...Oh my more Eaglet Momster stress!!!!

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