Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17 news

Links to todays Banding of the Eagles at NO

Link 1

Link 2

Since I had to go to work shortly after the completion of the banding I really don't know what happened as far as the parents returning to the nest etc.

Saanich Although I do not think it has been officially confirmed one of the adult eagles on the Saanich nest was seen removing what appeared to be a broken eggshell with the embryo attached today.

Maine continues to deal with wind and rain, and mention on the forum that Dads talon does seem to be causing him more problems probably aggravated by the weather conditions. There have ben at least 2 days now where we can not confirm for sure that either parent has been able to offer any kind of feeding to the very young eaglets in the nest when the storm hit.

Bartons Cove Cam has been down for several days and we have no idea how that nest with the two young but slightly older than Maine chicks have weathered the storm either.

Well Thats all for today folks. I have pictures to add to a Loop tomorrow night and will add those for both days.

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