Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 21 thru 24

YES A 63 at Santa Cruz is a Boy!!! Meet Limuw

Starlet Capers

From CDN-CDN at IWS Forums this

Ode to the Chicks
Twelve eagle chicks were hatched this spring
Recently all have received their "bling"
Eleven have orange tags, and one has blue
Such special eaglets to me and you

Triplets at the West End - what a thrill!
We were all afraid that Harry would take a spill
Dianna, Wray, and Superman
Have fed their chicklets as fast as they can
It has been amazing to watch their three
Get along so well - a happy family

At Two Harbors we have quite a pair
Our Rock Stars sit and stare and stare
Their parents are always so sweet
We just think that their nest needs to be neat
Rascal K78 has been wandering away from the scene
His sister K79 isn't quite as keen

Over on Santa Cruz Island on April 13
We watched, and it was such a blessing
After a stormy night and on a glorious morn
Our Sweet Peeps, A63, was born
Cruz has a brother! What a delight!
It was such a relief after a terribly windy night
K10 and K26 deserve a round of applause
For such young parents, they've done a really great job

Thanks to Peter , Steffani , and the whole IWS crew
We've also seen the Pinnacle, Seal, and Twin Rocks chicks as they grew
The Channel Islands eaglets have given such joy to all of us
The pleasure of watching them grow has been marvelous
It's time to give back - please do what you can
To contribute to our Nest Adoption Plan!

-CDN June 20

Thanks to Suzanne for all the pictures and most of the captions in this cute video.

OK Your turn....Please play along LOL

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Caption This June 17

Also for those of you struggle with any even minor guilt over the time you spend watching birdcams online here is a story that just might remind all of us that this could actually be time very well spent. One little osprey and his MaMa probably think so.

The story of a Baby Osprey and Bubble wrap

Thanks to MeMa Jo for forwarding this link to me

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16 some info and Videos for you

6 Eaglets will soon have names:

Have you been watching the California nests. Did you see Santa Cruz lose one egg, and then hold on through gale force winds to continue to incubate what we now know as A 63. Did you watch Dr Sharpe take away eggs that may not have hatched from Two Harbors and West End, and replace them with wooden eggs? Then a few weeks later did you see those wooden eggs traded for live baby eaglets. Remember K 10 who hid his little surprise for sometime when K 26 returned to the nest. Have you watched the banding? Did you worry that Harry Houdini might fall off the edge at West End. Well now it is time for those who have watched and followed to come up with names for these 6 Young Eagles. They will be accepting name suggestions through midnight nest time on June 18.

More info or if you have names to suggest then go here

I have had a little more time this week to make a few videos. Have you seen these?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 14

Flag Day in the USA. A very special day for lots of us as we remember the events of Flag day 2006. You weren't there, well no problem. You love eagles or you would not be reading this BLOG; therefore you will also love this story. Follow this link...we would love to share it with you.

Fledging and Flapping

It is that time in the nests we have enjoyed over the past several months. It is also summer and time for family and friends. I have loved doing the For the Love of Eagles BLOG for all of you. I have seen and been able to share things I never even thought I would ever see in my own lifetime. I am in awe of this Majestic bird and its comeback in our country. My plan is to continue to enjoy the Eagle and to share those "Treasures" with you; however, at this point I will be cutting down the number of new threads on the BLOG as this Eagle Season winds down and we one by one bid our New Young Eagles a very fond and if I remember correctly for many of us a teary farewell. I will be doing my best to give a weekly update on our Eaglets as they each prepare to Soar.

I do want to Thank any and all who have sent photos and left comments as the weeks have gone by. Sharing this journey with others certainly increases the joy. Its just way too good to keep to oneself.

I particularly want to Thank Iris for her coverage of the Blackwater Eagles, Suzanne for her faithfulness in sending off any and all photos of Liberty and Belle from NCTC, and most of all Vicky who has visited many cams and sent me on an almost daily basis many of the photos shared with you in the FilmLoops.

My wish for all of you is an enjoyable time with family and friends. I have some wonderful family visits about to happen for me in the next week or so, which is part of my choice of timing to change this now to a weekly update. Others of you I am sure look forward to gardening and vacationing. Watch for that FeedBlitz email telling you of a new update to the BLOG. The Quantity may change but my plan is for each thread to be of Quality.

For those of you wanting a more on hands daily type of contact, most of the cams listed on the side of this BLOG have Blogs and Forums associated with them. All that I am aware of welcome lurkers who want to stop bye to read the happenings. I am sure all would also welcome new members who want to contribute in some way to that particular eagle cam community.

If you do not have a BLOG or Forum you consider as home base, or are an abundantly chatty and sharing kind of person just looking for a place to share fun and valuable info on eagles or lots of other types of items, I would invite you to feel welcome to contribute in anyway to the newly started forum off of this BLOG.

You will find it linked on the left side of the BLOG or the url is

link to forum here

Also the Eagle Cam chatroom which you enter at the top left of the main For the Love of Eagles BLOG is active especially during the evenings. We would love for any of you to stop bye and chat with us.

For those of you feeling a little like you are heading for that Empty Nest syndrome, there is a place called If you will visit their website, chances are excellent you will not feel like an Emptynester All Year Long...

FilmLoop for June 13

Monday, June 11, 2007

Its Skye and FilmLoop for June 10 and 11

FilmLoop for June 10 and 11 is here:

The winning name for the Saanich eaglet is Skye. Congratulations to John Simpson for submitting the winning entry. He stated the reason he chose the name Skye was "the chick is often looking skyward; she/he will be spending a great deal of it's life in the 'sky', it sounds like a 'cool' name for an eagle.

Here is a link to a video of Skye at 51 days old.

More great eagle information you may want to know about

and from Lisa the Webmaster for Blackwater comes this info

We're seeing less of the eaglets, which means they're becoming more independent.

We'll shut down the Eagle Cam around the end of June. The Osprey Cam will stay online into the winter, since eagles will visit once the ospreys migrate.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

caption this

OK its Sunday night and time for a Caption this. If you have watched the banding at SC for A 63 then you know what this picture is...and this little guy was very vocal in this picture... the quesiton is

"What was he saying to the man in the orange helmet?"

Please add your caption in the comment section below.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 8 and 9

Todays Feed focuses on A 63 the eaglet from Santa Cruz. He was banded yesterday afternoon. You will find here a video containing a multitude of stills of that process, set to Music. I think you will find it informative and heart touching in more ways than one. I would ask as you watch this that you continue to remeber A 63...he does seem much better and hopefully he is just still a little stiff and perhaps not happy with his new jewelry. He seems much stronger today wing wise but the feet , legs, or talons still seem to be bothering him at least somewhat. He did put up quite a struggle; so this could be a part of the lingering soreness, stiffness.

OR if you prefer the You Tube link is here

Friday, June 08, 2007

Next feed later today.

Sorry guys decided to take a little nap. Will post to Feed Blitz tomorrow. Have a Great Weekend

Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 7

Todays FilmLoop

A great new video from Harry of the Saanich forum

Just have to share with you Harry's description of his latest video...

This small 4 minute video was reviewed by Master Anatolio Vignetto de Vino, an illusive, effusive Italian film reviewer at general delivery, Milan, Italy. It seems he is much sought after.

I quoted him as best I could, because of the jumping, arm waving and screaming and crying all at once it was difficult: but I quote, "Thisa filma isa tenna toesza uppa, widda wona finger as wella, mucha niceaa. Littleaa birda seemza mucha clervera."

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6

Thanks to Marcia from Maine forum for capturing these great images above.

Where is that little bird...Saanich video

June 6 FilmLoop

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5 Hornby news , video, filmloop, surprise visitor to SC

Written by Doug Carrick about Hornsby Pair and ....

uFirst sight of chick at 2 o'clock today.....Meaning actually JUne 4... I saw the mother eagle flying up from the beach with yet another midshipman and focused my binoculars on the nest to see it land. Then I saw a wing come up over the edge of the nest. I thought the mother had arrived at the nest far faster than I was expecting and it was her wing I spotted. Then the mother arrived with the fish ... and I realized it was the wing of a chick - my first sighting. The mother left and a brown head poked up, watching her leave. I only saw the one chick so now I'll be watching for a second one (I hope). Doug Carrick

June 5 FilmLoop

Bartons Cove Video

Saanich video

Watch video here of Surprise Visitor from picture above at Santa Cruz nest

SC Chick banding is Friday. That is gonna be one little fiesty chick to reckon with!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4

June 4 FilmLoop

A Beautiful Bald Eagle video for you

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Caption This

I regret that I needed to change the posts on this BLOG to only registered folks for a couple of week. However I have now changed it back. I am trusting the situation that made it necessary has been resolved.

Anyone can once again leave a caption by this photo. I know you can think of some things when you see it. Join in the fun.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

June 2

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yesterday morning about 10 am, the young male tried to hop from one branch to another next to his sister. He miscalculated slightly and fell about 20 feet to a lower branch. While uninjured - it took him a while to build up the courage to try to fly back up. Around 2 pm he flew to a branch about 15 ft away. He has since made his way back to the nest.

Unsuccessful flights are not at all uncommon. As many as 50% of first attempts may end up with the young eagles on or near the ground. When this happens, the parents continue to bring food to the grounded eaglet and soon enough it takes to the air.

posted by VDGIF Wildlife Biologist at 9:03 AM

Early am Video by Sharon Feeney from Maine forum:

The other critter in the Norfolk Nest video is here

Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1

To read more about this Golden Eagle baby and the fight to bring them back to Ireland read here.

Friday, June 01, 2007
“Two Have Fledged!”
The two oldest eaglets have been edging further and further out on the branches surrounding the nest. Two days ago these intrepid eaglets were mobbed by crows, driving them back to the nest. The parents have been feeding their brood, but much less frequently - attempting to convince the young to leave the nest.

This morning the two eaglets briefly flew from the nest tree! Although their initial sojourn was brief - they have officially fledged! The youngest eaglet will likely follow its siblings lead soon. The eaglets will continue to return to the nest frequently and will still be fed by the parents for some time.

posted by VDGIF Wildlife Biologist at 7:46 AM

All 3 are flying video


Fuzzy's Taste test video

June 1 FilmLoop