Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 8 and 9

Todays Feed focuses on A 63 the eaglet from Santa Cruz. He was banded yesterday afternoon. You will find here a video containing a multitude of stills of that process, set to Music. I think you will find it informative and heart touching in more ways than one. I would ask as you watch this that you continue to remeber A 63...he does seem much better and hopefully he is just still a little stiff and perhaps not happy with his new jewelry. He seems much stronger today wing wise but the feet , legs, or talons still seem to be bothering him at least somewhat. He did put up quite a struggle; so this could be a part of the lingering soreness, stiffness.

OR if you prefer the You Tube link is here


movin said...

Great video clip, Glo.

I saw a clip that showed the parent feeding him laying down, but he was really grabbing for that food as fast and hard as he could. So maybe the after banding probs were more timing of the event. Maybe he was just low on food and water in his system. And then the parents were afraid to return for quite a long period....

He appears to be back to normal today (Sunday), trying to fly and fixing up the nest. He's moving well again.


MEMA Jo said...

It was just so wonderful to be able to witness this event. A63 is doing much better today - he's back to normal I'd say. I just don't know how it would take me to get back to normal if I had to endure all that A63 did in such a short period of time. I still think of him/her as
Sweet Peeps!!! Very vocal eaglet!

MEMA Jo said...

I did YouTube link first BUT then I did your video, Glo! Thank you for the music and the captions and especially for the wonderful ending pictures captured of A63!