Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5 Hornby news , video, filmloop, surprise visitor to SC

Written by Doug Carrick about Hornsby Pair and ....

uFirst sight of chick at 2 o'clock today.....Meaning actually JUne 4... I saw the mother eagle flying up from the beach with yet another midshipman and focused my binoculars on the nest to see it land. Then I saw a wing come up over the edge of the nest. I thought the mother had arrived at the nest far faster than I was expecting and it was her wing I spotted. Then the mother arrived with the fish ... and I realized it was the wing of a chick - my first sighting. The mother left and a brown head poked up, watching her leave. I only saw the one chick so now I'll be watching for a second one (I hope). Doug Carrick

June 5 FilmLoop

Bartons Cove Video

Saanich video

Watch video here of Surprise Visitor from picture above at Santa Cruz nest

SC Chick banding is Friday. That is gonna be one little fiesty chick to reckon with!!!!


movin said...

Glo, that is a very interesting clip of the stranger at Santa Cruz...it can't be one of this pair's earlier chicks, last year was the first. Maybe it is looking for nest locations for itself. It's a good looking young eagle...I like the color pattern.

Did anyone note the #27 on its wing markers? I thought I read that number right at the end of the clip. It can probably be identified by that number.

I want to tell you I generally like these Feed blitz efforts of yours. Congratulations.


glo said...

Yes Jim several on the forum picked up that it was A 27...Not sure if it is thought to be 3 or 4 years old. I honestly haven't gone back to try to figure out what route A 27 would have taken since fledge. It wasn't a malicious visit for sure. But for a young eaglet home alone I am sure it was sending the message This is my nest...go away