Thursday, June 28, 2007

Limuw has fledged

Limuw's Fledge

Lets take a little trip over to Bartons Cove with Sharon Feeney

And from the Bartons Cove Nest cam

Pictures Sharon took on her little boat trip
Fledgling 1

Fledgling 2


movin said...

"Great day in the morning" for Limuw, Glo!

Did you see the video of K26 feeding him earlier that morning?

I liked the Barton's Cove clips but they were a little unclear either visually or as to what was going on...that chick that flew off looked like it was just lying there until it ups and takes off. Wonder if that was its first flight.

Good issue, Glo.

movin said...

Glo, neither one of the clickable links to Sharon's fledging pics connected to the site intended.


glo said...

Sorry Jim not sure what that is about. It goes there on my computer OK but it does briefly go to a page not found "split second" and then to the video. Maybe I will try to remake it "ya know, borrow it my style" and post it on one of my video sites.

Both are so good to be able to see takes you right up the river to the cove. And one branching quite a ways down from the nest.