Friday, September 21, 2007

A time to rejoice

New Seasons are beginning at Eagle Nests across the land. I must celebrate the New Season Of Liberty and Belle the NCTC Eagle pair who taught me the love of watching an eagle cam from the beginning. Godspeed Lib and Belle I shall definitely be keeping an eye on you.

NCTC 2007/2008
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Eagles are showing up everywhere

Hey folks use some of the links on the side of the BLOG and also on the forum to stop by and check out some of the Eagle Cams. The eagles have been spotted at several of the nests we enjoyed last year. Do keep an eye out. Follow this link to a few pictures from a few nests this year.
when you get to the Flickr page just click on show slideshow to enjoy.

Even more exciting fo rme right now thoughis an email I received the other day. I will give you a little hint.

I can hardly believe it. I had made a donation to the IWS Nest Adoption in Memory of Limuw A 63, . All who had joined in the nest Adoption Challenge were entered into a contest to win several different things. Anyway on week 2 of 3 weeks that the drawings are taking place, I received an email from Dr Sharpe. I had 4 items to choose from as my prize.

I have chosen the Pre Fostering Tour which happens sometime between Mid March and Mid April..once there are eggs incubating and before the hatched eaglets are placed into the nests by Dr Sharpe. I am able to bring 2 other people with me, and have chosen 2 more of my eagleholic friends to come along.

I can hardly wait now to see those eggs being laid and begin to get tickets for travel and lodging reservations into place. Someone pinch me!!!! No don't...But do know that this For the love of Eagles Blog is gonna have some really neat pictures and info from IWS this year and hopefully reports from the two friends also coming along on the trip.

And then of course there is the logistics of how to get from the mainland to the island. I have heard we have 3 choices. Helicopter, Seaplane or Boat. Our thought was to take the boat, then I saw this picture and write up from one of last years tours.

and for any new folk who are not really familiar with some of Dr Sharpe's work : a couple of links to some of last years work.

1. Dr Sharpe heading up to West End Nest to retreive eggs he will place in an incubator, and replace them with wooden eggs upon which the eagles will sit.

2. Listen to the pipping

3. Baby Don King

4. Dr Sharpe returning to the West End nest with 3 baby eaglets now who will be raised by those who once sat on wooden eggs.

The problem with the eggs was caused from DDT which caused the eggs to break before a healthy chick could hatch out. Success on the island is happening now though and some of the nests have had the opportunity to not have their eggs removed and have successfully hatched and fledged their young.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

NCTC has a new cam installed

NCTC Shepherdstown West Virginia is getting all set up for the Eagle Season 2007/08. Word has it that Lib and Belle have been around the nest area frequently.

They are very constructive eagles as can be noted by the hammer you will see in this slide show. It was found in the nest as the cam crew arrived up the tree.

I knew this pair was different.....this is definitely not exactly your ordinary stick work, and those local now know where your missing hammer went LOL.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some New Eagle Activity

Colored picture far right is Tesoro nest in Florida taken Sunday Evening.

Cam 2 is now online Follow This Direct Link from the Forum for both Florida Eagle Cams.

Hey and while you are there for the link, why not join the forum You get the latest info immediately if you ask for email notification, rather than waiting for the FeedBlitz running off this BLOG. I will however be doing frequent although perhaps not daily as in last year; updates on the various nesting pairs right here.

Precurser to Nestorations has now started to appear

As in the past year I will work hard to keep you informed of nests around the web BUT I do intend to do quite a lot more watching and enjoying and a little less Filming and working. The forum gives anyone wanting to share and ost info or pictures a place to share in some of the workload. Still lots of info and eagle cams to enjoy and they will be returning one by one.

Lets let them now we are out here anticipating the New Eagle Season...