Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some New Eagle Activity

Colored picture far right is Tesoro nest in Florida taken Sunday Evening.

Cam 2 is now online Follow This Direct Link from the Forum for both Florida Eagle Cams.

Hey and while you are there for the link, why not join the forum You get the latest info immediately if you ask for email notification, rather than waiting for the FeedBlitz running off this BLOG. I will however be doing frequent although perhaps not daily as in last year; updates on the various nesting pairs right here.

Precurser to Nestorations has now started to appear

As in the past year I will work hard to keep you informed of nests around the web BUT I do intend to do quite a lot more watching and enjoying and a little less Filming and working. The forum gives anyone wanting to share and ost info or pictures a place to share in some of the workload. Still lots of info and eagle cams to enjoy and they will be returning one by one.

Lets let them now we are out here anticipating the New Eagle Season...

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