Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keep the Eagles Soaring

If you haven't already done so, please do this

For the Love of Eagles

Go here, read the information and express your concern for these eagles now.

We only have til Sept 4 for Public Response. Lets make sure they "Hear Us Loud and Clear".

You don't even have to compose your own letter if you would rather not do that. There is already a very good response written for you. Just fill in the info for yourself and send it on its way.

And when you are finished with your letter, tell others about it as well.

Flood their email with public outcry. Man we almost lost them once and now that they have just become healthy enough to come off the endangered list some want to pass laws to kill them instead of protect them.

I guess some will never learn, but its not to late for the REST of us YET!!!

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movin said...

Thanks for the "heads up", Glo. I sent my comment in.