Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 25 around the nestcams


Bartons Cove Northeast Utilities is seen on the nest as a couple on a much more frequent basis.

Hornby news

See Doug Carrick Update click here

Kent sees an eagle near the nest once again.

Norfolk and Maine have both been scene bonding by their fans with hopes of eggs soon for Maine and a reclutch for Norfolk.

Keep a close eye on West End for an egg, and Two Harbors for second egg any time now.

Click to play Feb 25 eagle cams
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Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Egg in Town And Cute video from lots of our pairs

Congratulations Two Harbors

Catching up on many of the other Eagle Cams

Seal Rocks Can hear the seals in the background here


All kinds of scenarios continue in Maine. Take a look at this video by Sierra

comment by GG of Maine forum
"Do you think Heathcliff will sit at Wuthering Heights till Cathy comes back in?"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Tribute to the Norfolk Mom

Do Not assume you know what is going to happen by the end of the video. It does take an unexpected little twist that you did not see yesterday or even today. I hope you will like how I chose to end it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 17 Feed 1

February 17 Feed 1
Do you have a favorite nest that you enjoy catching up on? With more and more nests going online once again this year...which is a wonderful thing, I can not get to all the nests, forums, or blogs to get all of the more recent photos and great videos captured by other eagle fans. If your favorite nest isn't getting the coverage you think it deserves I just don't have time to get to all of them anymore by myself. I would request once again that you send me the photos or links to those videos so I can easily insert them into the BLOG.

You are also welcome to join and contribute your favorites to the forum address here

This makes my work so much quicker and easier as it is a one stop place for me to look as I update the BLOG Feed. I am so appreciative of those who take the time to share newslinks, pictures or videos there.

Blackwater has installed some new equptment and is up and running great. This is good news. Sorry I have no recent captures from Blackwater to share at this time.

Florida Tesoro Cam

Cute video of Tess and Oro here

Star and Spirit have once again been seen near their nest. Thanks for sharing this picture MeMa Jo

Maine will be turning on their infrared light this week.

NCTC has weathered a snowstorm and still awaits its video/audeo feed
Great capture by Sharon from NCTC and shared with us by MeMa Jo

Northeast Utilities is up and running

Norfolk Lots of information can be found here

or here

or here

California Nests Are in the process of getting 5 cams online this season. 4 of them will require Neokast...which can be downloaded here.

Seal Rocks couple video click here

Get more info on the history of this pair click here

West End
See more info pictures and video here

Video posted by Rejoicing here as Ma and Pa visit the nest.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What an eventful day

Lets start the day by a brief look at several live cams early in the morning.

It starts out peaceful and pleasant enough but fasten your seatbelts it doesn't quite stay that way.


In addition to how the video ends there were two more intrusions I was able to catch on film You can see them by clicking here.

Also there is an updated response by the VDGIF Norfolk Botanical Garden click here to read.

NCTC is dealing with a snowstorm...snow with Belle and 3 eggs in the nest is the last thing NCTC fans want to see happening.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Feb 11

Two nests now have 3 eggs


Watch the slide show here


A brief peak at some live cams: Pelican Harbor, Norfolk and Tesoro

Click here to watch This Great Video of Norfolk was filmed by Quennie of HWC just shortly after the clip on the above Video I did. It tells us what Dad was on the lookout for. Norfolk is having its own share of drama this year for sure.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feb 7 around the Eagle Cam Web

California nests.

See this Neat video out of West End. Word is that feed will also include audeo this year.

At Pelican Harbor K 10 finds himself in an altercation with a juvie. K 10 takes alot from Mom and from his kids...but he is definitely taking intruders at the nest very seriously these days. Take a look here


Cape Coral 1 Look how big these chicks are getting


Link to Relocation project shows how high up the nest tree and the cam is....why we get seasick when the wind blows LOL

Beautiful photos of Norfolk Eagles can be found here in Shellys Gallery

NCTC Lib and Belle have 2 eggs. Thanks to Sharon for this photo

Monday, February 04, 2008

NCTC, Norfolk and Cribrails

Oh my what an exciting kind of day this has been. First of all NCTC Has their first egg of the new season. As yu can imagine their fans are thrilled. I know you want to see pictures LOL

Tesoro is raising the crib rails and for very good reason

Norfolk most likely has another egg.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Feb 3 Around the Eagle Cams

Bartons Cove: Northeast Utilities
Is back online now for their new season. Both adults have been seen together at the nest.

Blackwater seems to be settled with 2 eggs for this season.

This added info from Lisa at Blackwater.

Woody Dawson
Finally, I wanted to mention some good news related to our friend Woody Dawson. Woody is a wonderful photographer who photographs eagles along the Susquehanna River in northern Maryland and also in Alaska, and I’ve occasionally shared his work in my blogs. Woody just notified me that six of his photos were just used in a brochure put out by the U.S. Mint for their new bald eagle commemorative coin series. Here are two images showing the brochure: Image one and Image two. The only photo that is not Woody’s is the image on the far right on the first brochure — that is a photo of Challenger, the captive bald eagle from the American Eagle Foundation. Right now, these are the only copies we have of the brochure, but we wanted to share them, and we wanted to congratulate Woody on this wonderful honor. If you’d like to see more of Woody’s work, be sure to visit his website.

The California nests will number at 5 this Eagle Season. Major work on the cams is curently being done the weekend of Feb 2and 3. Look ofr much more info on these nests in the next Feedblitz.

Cape Coral 1 nice capture by Lori

Kent Both Star and Spirit have been seen at their nest together, the most recent sighting I am aware of is Jan 29. This nest also had the human kind of visitor doing soem maintainance on Feb 2.

NCTC cam has been down since very early Fri morning as an ice and snowstrom hit the area. One of the adults believed to be Belle showed up around 10:30 pm on Thurs and was still in the nest when the cam froze close to 6 am on Fri morning. Sadly for NCTC fans it has remained down and we will not know any more about Belle and or eggs until it is up again hopefully some time on Monday.

Norfolk seems to have laid their First egg admidst a visit by a Great Horned Owl. There is mixed thoughts and commentary on how much of a threat or harassment this will be as the eagle season progresses. Go to their website to see photos and more info on those happenings.

Oklahoma has this info on their website


Sidney/Saanich Video captured by Ian after spending the day out watching the eagels. Video really picks up some neat footage at about 2 mins til the end.

And in case you haven't seen it, Here is David Hancocks latest update

Tesoro kids growing fast, Cute video from patriots girl