Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What an eventful day

Lets start the day by a brief look at several live cams early in the morning.

It starts out peaceful and pleasant enough but fasten your seatbelts it doesn't quite stay that way.


In addition to how the video ends there were two more intrusions I was able to catch on film You can see them by clicking here.

Also there is an updated response by the VDGIF Norfolk Botanical Garden click here to read.

NCTC is dealing with a snowstorm...snow with Belle and 3 eggs in the nest is the last thing NCTC fans want to see happening.



Mema Jo said...

There is so much going on out there in Eagleland! Thanks so much for capturing the highlights for us!

Deb said...

And if you think Tuesday was eventful, Wednesday was even more so!! Thanks, Glo for keeping us up to date.