Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 17 Feed 1

February 17 Feed 1
Do you have a favorite nest that you enjoy catching up on? With more and more nests going online once again this year...which is a wonderful thing, I can not get to all the nests, forums, or blogs to get all of the more recent photos and great videos captured by other eagle fans. If your favorite nest isn't getting the coverage you think it deserves I just don't have time to get to all of them anymore by myself. I would request once again that you send me the photos or links to those videos so I can easily insert them into the BLOG.

You are also welcome to join and contribute your favorites to the forum address here

This makes my work so much quicker and easier as it is a one stop place for me to look as I update the BLOG Feed. I am so appreciative of those who take the time to share newslinks, pictures or videos there.

Blackwater has installed some new equptment and is up and running great. This is good news. Sorry I have no recent captures from Blackwater to share at this time.

Florida Tesoro Cam

Cute video of Tess and Oro here

Star and Spirit have once again been seen near their nest. Thanks for sharing this picture MeMa Jo

Maine will be turning on their infrared light this week.

NCTC has weathered a snowstorm and still awaits its video/audeo feed
Great capture by Sharon from NCTC and shared with us by MeMa Jo

Northeast Utilities is up and running

Norfolk Lots of information can be found here

or here

or here

California Nests Are in the process of getting 5 cams online this season. 4 of them will require Neokast...which can be downloaded here.

Seal Rocks couple video click here

Get more info on the history of this pair click here

West End
See more info pictures and video here

Video posted by Rejoicing here as Ma and Pa visit the nest.

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