Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31...some great stuff for todays Feed!!!

Dr Sharp's description of the banding process.

The wing markers are treated like feathers by the birds and we have seen no evidence that they have impacted the birds at all in the 17 years that we have used them. The birds do get leg bands, but those can only be read from about 50 m away with a powerful spotting scope and if the bird is standing just right. Because this is a managed population of bald eagles that would not exist without our help, it is important for us to know who each bird is and to get an idea of where they are taking up residence if they leave the island. The wing markers do eventually break down and fall off the birds.

The wing markers are made of a vinyl covered polyester called Shelterite. They are very light and are folded over the front of the wing and attached through the patagium with a small stud usually used for putting eartags on piglets. There are few nerves and blood vessels in the patagium, so the attachment is quick and painless.

Peter B. Sharpe

West End Banding video

Twin Rocks banding video

Twin Harbors banding video

California Eaglet Banding FilmLoop

Morning Song A Video for you

Friday night is National Bingo Night...come play with some eagle fans in the Chatroom. WE have a great time and are actually all pretty good sported losers LOL

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29

Thanks to annsva from Maine forum for this capture of Norfolk flight

Also Norfolk has a slideshow on their home page which can be seen here

A video for you to enjoy called Wind Beneathe My Wings is Here

May 29 FilmLoop is here

Reminder Twin Harbors should be banded Wed. I can't find any info on the time but I would say to start watching around noon California time. That cam is fairly clear, so migh tbe able to see parts of it very well.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day...Soar Like an Eagle

Video link...In Memoriam 0f the Love of My Life...and so many many more Military men and women loved by all of you too

Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

Yes the love of My Life was a Marine, a wonderful Husband and Father and a Preacher of the Word.

I can think of no better day and time to share his love of the Lord and his country with you whom I have come to know out here in eagle land. I spent my time at his grave today remembering all he lived and died for.

Mostly though I live on with the knowledge of the One whom he served until the very end. As his late wife and the mother of his children it remains my/our prayer that you know the Friend of Friends who laid down His life also for you.

God and Country in that order...those values touch the depth of my soul as much today as ever. I spend time each day in gratitude for those who served. I pray for the safe return for those who are away now in service. I pray that America will always remember that God shed His grace on Thee.

These eagles we watch thrive and soar over our land remain a symbol of Courage, Freedom, and the very will to survive!!! This year the eagles have taught me so very much more about the struggle and yet majestic beauty involved in Soaring like an Eagle. It is not an easy life. It is wrought with peril from the nest to the sky. Man has also inflicted its own kind of peril on this majestic creature. America you must continue to always persevere even through tough times.

Video Link...A Memorial Day Tribute for Eagle Lovers

Video Link...Never to be Forgotten

Some of you may have already seen these next two links but many have not

Video link...Remembering

Video Link...Silent Embrace

Norfolk Eaglets decided to go Out on a limb and Celebrate Memorial Day. What a fun time to make a video of their celebration.

And a closing video
Never forget; Always Remember

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Caption This..and todays FilmLoop

Please Caption the above Photo

Todays FilmLoop shown here has pictures form the WEst End Banding ...will be watching for the video since cam is not in very good shape at West End right now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26

California chicks to be banded. West End chicks on Sunday and Twin Rocks on Monday. I believe the banding date for SC is June 8. If I get any more info I will give it to you.

What the numbers mean for the CA chicks.

The wing tag numbers are determined as follows: the first number represents the year in which they were hatched (i.e. 7 for 2007) and the second number is the number of the chick of that year. The letter K and wing color represents the Catalina Island project. (Santa Cruz’s uses the letter A and the color blue). Given that this year we had more chicks than anyone expected we had to use other numbers that were available even if they didn’t begin with a 7. We used K00 and K03. The rest are K71, K72, K73, K74, K75, K76, K77, K78, and K79. If you are wondering about K70, that number was already used in 1997, and that eagle is still out there somewhere.


Time info as I have it right now....

5/26/07: The West End chicks will be banded on 5/27 and we will likely arrive at the nest between noon and 1 pm. It will probably take about and hour and half, so the chicks will likely be out of view for a while.

The Two Harbors chicks will be banded on 5/30.

Todays FilmLoop

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catalina info...banding has begun..Blackwater info..FilmLoop

I'm sitting on top of the world!!! OK on top of the nest!!! I will see Mom coming first!!!

Beautiful photos and info on the banding underway on Cantalina

For the Blackwater fans Lisa has added the final videos from this season. They can be seen with other great info right here.

Todays me LOL is for May 24

Saanich 2007 Eaglet naming contest

We need a name! Fuzzy, Bobblehead, Fluffy - None of these are acceptable, neither is any name scatological or otherwise objectionable.
Contest Rules

* Each entry must contain only one name. It is suggested that you write one or two sentences as to why you chose this name.

* All entries must be individually and personally sent (i.e. not machine generated).

* Entries must be received by 23:59 (11:59PM) Pacific Daylight Time June 4, 2007.

* All submissions must be sent by e-mail to
* Decision of the judges is final.

* Announcement will be made June 10, 2007 - notification to First and Second place winners will be by return e-mail and posted in the Discussion Forum.

* Not open to employees or associates of Hancock House Publishing Inc., Hancock Wildlife, Insinc , or any associated companies.


First Prize: (Given to the first submission with the chosen name)

1. Autographed copy of "The Bald Eagle" by David Hancock, and

2. US$100 credit towards purchase of any other titles from Hancock House (shipping included within North America)

Second Prizes: Awarded to up to 10 more entries that submit the same winning name - awarded based upon receipt date/time; each receives an autographed copy of "The Bald Eagle" by David Hancock

Void where prohibited by law. Recipient is responsible for all taxes and fees imposed by their local jurisdiction. Rules subject to change without notice


Live Eagle Chat will be playing along with National Bingo on Friday Nights 9 pm Eastern time...print your Bingo cards before the and come on in and join us....its a fun time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22

Justice and Majesty seem to be pretty tired form their busy day. I think the nest and being together feels pretty good tonight.

Since Blackwater is definitely branching and Norfolk very soon will be or perhaps already is I thought I would pass along this info form Lisa webmaster for the Blackwater site
and click here to see The Gif by Woody Dawson ; that she refers to in her information.
To give you an idea as to what branching looks like, we have an animated GIF (975KB) that our photographer friend Woody Dawson
put together showing an eaglet stepping out onto a branch. In the short clip, you can see how
the eaglet uses its wings to maneuver its talons along the branch. Branching helps eaglets
increase their perching skills and also helps them learn how to use the branches for a launching -- and landing -- location.

FilmLoop for May 22

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Caption This

I love so many of the thoughts you come up with for these photos of these wonderful birds. This week I thought we'd take a look at West End while we are waiting for their camera to come back on since the fire. Here is your next picture to Caption. Have Fun.

If you do not have a Google or Blogger account and want me to enter a caption for you, feel free to send it to me and I will post it for you with your name in the post.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19

This is a great video...I think its a pillow fish

May 19 FilmLoop

Hornsby Update
Written by Doug Carrick:

All goes well for the chick (chicks?). At nine this morning the eagle stole a midshipman from the crows and flew it up to the nest. At nine-thirty it caught a midshipman itself and also flew it up to the nest and at nine-forty it caught one for itself, eating it on "dinner rock" used for such occasions. Activity such as this occurs at low tide when all sorts of yummies are exposed.

If the chick hatched on April 28 as estimated, it would now be two weeks old. Every week increases its chance of survival. There could possibly be two chicks, but I have no way of knowing - not until late June or early July when they climb up on the edge of the nest to exercise their wings. Likewise there is no way I can get a photograph until then.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

may 15

Info from Bee on the Two Harbors and West End cams

They have to put up a whole lot of new power poles between Avalon and Two Harbors, so it will probably be a week or two before they restore power. We are not allowed out there yet, so we can't check on the nests either

Also Santa Cruz will reset the cam automatically every 2 hours and will reboot at this time. You can expect the cam to automatically switch off for one minute each time the reboot occurs. Also the viewing hours have been shortened some to help the crazy cam we have been experiencing the past few weeks.

Cute link from Saanich baby

May 15 FilmLoop

Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14

Follow this link for info and a cute video about Princess Cruz Be sure to click on Watch the video while you are on the site.

Todays FilmLoop

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Caption This

OK Its your turn again. We got close to 50 responses last week. Some of them were just wonderful. It was lots of fun.

Heres the next one...thanks to all who share a thought for others to enjoy as you see this picture...

Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11 part 2

Watch me Grow a really cute video about the Saanich chick who is now 3 weeks old.

FilmLoop for May 11 Part 2

May 11

Noon News out of Channel 7 in CA

All the nests are safe and in no danger, they will allow residents to return to Avalon this afternoon.
11:20 AM picture update

Hovercraft loaded with Firetrucks

Cataline close to 10 AM This morning

Catalina Fire and IWS info
I will update this info as it is available during the day.

Post from Dr Sharp made just minutes ago at 7:24am CA time
I gave a talk in La Canada yesterday afternoon, so I never even went back to the island because my house is in the part of town that was evacuated. There is still power in Avalon because we were able to call our answering machine. Steffani was in the field yesterday and got caught on the other side of the fire from town, so she is staying at Middle Ranch. All the nests and Pimu should be fine. I'll return to the island once they allow people back into their homes.

and in response to a ? about the safety of his wife and if animals were also allowed to evacuate here is Dr Sharpe's answer.

Darwin is my new puppy. And yes, Donna and Darwin came off on a boat last night before things became hectic with the evacuation

8:02 am CA time:

It was just reported that Avalon is out of immediate danger. It's 10% contained. Things are definitely looking up! Good job to all concerned

Good morning all. I just saw the morning fire update on local TV and the situation looks much better this morning! The overnight efforts and the weather helped considerably. As long as the wind stays down, and with all the emergency response from the military and others it seems to be under control. Hopefully the IWS crew will be able to post an update when they can to let us know their experience of it. I'll check back in when I get to work.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10

A cute video sent by Joyce.

And a cute Flap and Fold video by Skipper

May 10 FilmLoop

On a much more serious note the news is reporting the Fire on catalina Island...this is the info form the IWS forum as of May 10, 8:00pm Ca time...

Please remember this situation these people and wildlife in the are I think the IWS office and Peter's home are in the evacuation area (he lives 300 yards from the IWS office and it is northwest of Sumner.

They just talked about the eaglets on the news. Said they were okay......for now

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 8

Be sure to click on the May 8 Film Loop Link below

May 8 FilmLoop Link

Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7

Wow it sure looks like several folks did enjoy the Caption this Photo, and my guess is even more continue to enjoy reading those responses...what fun.

While reading Lisa's info on the Blackwater Eaglet sight I came across an animated gif of a young eaglet learning to spot and catch a our eaglets mature and prepare to branch and then fledge I thought it would be great to share that small gif can watch here

Lisa also gave us a link to a new eagle webcam out of the Netherlands These are white tailed eagles and closest in appearance to the American Bald eagle. I will be adding a link to their cam on the left side of the BLOG for those who want to follow them as they rear their eaglet. If you are curious and just want to see, you can get to the cam form here.

Today has also been quite interesting at Saanich. Here is a cute clip

From now on the FilmLoops will be a url to help speed up load time on the BLOG. Here is the link for todays FilmLoop:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

OK Caption this...Its your turn.

Since I work on Sundays and can't really view the cams and since things are pretty well out of the hatch and waiting for the fledge stage I thought we could have a little fun with something new.

Its your turn now

Occasionally...usually on Sunday I will post a Caption This Photo.

In the comment section I would like for you who view this BLOG to suggest a caption for that photo.

This should be lots of fun; especially if lots of you will participate. You don't have to have any blogger can be anonymous or leave your name or whatever as you post your comment. so anyone who is reading this can leave a caption idea in the comments under the picture . I will make a FilmLoop in a few weeks showing off our pictures and the Best Comments that come in....

Here we go Picture number one awaits your input. Please leave your caption ideas in the comment section below.

And then for your inspiration and meditation a short movie from Rejoicing Mom click here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

May 4..You don't want to miss this movie...and ? maybe Great news at Hornby!!!

Written by Doug Carrick: on Hornby Island Eagles

April 28 - Estimated date for first egg to hatch.
April 29 - Saw both eagles sitting side by side on the perch tree for 20 minutes.

Conclusion: No viable eggs or the eagles wouldn't leave the eggs or chick that long

May 1 - Noises coming from nest. Eagle later landed in nest.
May 2 - Noises between eagle in nest and one in perch tree.
May 3 - Great noises from the nest when other eagles flew over the nest.

Conclusion: Perhaps there is still something going on in the nest.

May 4 - Low tide at 1:30 pm. Crows found a midshipman (9 inch fish) in the seaweed. The eagle stole the midshipman from the crows and flew it directly to the nest.

Conclusion: There must be a chick in the nest to feed.

I did not make a report earlier because I just wasn't sure what was going on until today.