Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31...some great stuff for todays Feed!!!

Dr Sharp's description of the banding process.

The wing markers are treated like feathers by the birds and we have seen no evidence that they have impacted the birds at all in the 17 years that we have used them. The birds do get leg bands, but those can only be read from about 50 m away with a powerful spotting scope and if the bird is standing just right. Because this is a managed population of bald eagles that would not exist without our help, it is important for us to know who each bird is and to get an idea of where they are taking up residence if they leave the island. The wing markers do eventually break down and fall off the birds.

The wing markers are made of a vinyl covered polyester called Shelterite. They are very light and are folded over the front of the wing and attached through the patagium with a small stud usually used for putting eartags on piglets. There are few nerves and blood vessels in the patagium, so the attachment is quick and painless.

Peter B. Sharpe

West End Banding video

Twin Rocks banding video

Twin Harbors banding video

California Eaglet Banding FilmLoop

Morning Song A Video for you

Friday night is National Bingo Night...come play with some eagle fans in the Chatroom. WE have a great time and are actually all pretty good sported losers LOL

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