Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7

Wow it sure looks like several folks did enjoy the Caption this Photo, and my guess is even more continue to enjoy reading those responses...what fun.

While reading Lisa's info on the Blackwater Eaglet sight I came across an animated gif of a young eaglet learning to spot and catch a our eaglets mature and prepare to branch and then fledge I thought it would be great to share that small gif can watch here

Lisa also gave us a link to a new eagle webcam out of the Netherlands These are white tailed eagles and closest in appearance to the American Bald eagle. I will be adding a link to their cam on the left side of the BLOG for those who want to follow them as they rear their eaglet. If you are curious and just want to see, you can get to the cam form here.

Today has also been quite interesting at Saanich. Here is a cute clip

From now on the FilmLoops will be a url to help speed up load time on the BLOG. Here is the link for todays FilmLoop:

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movin said...

Hey, Glo and company,
I like that eagle fishing GIF...I think that, if the body of water is the sea, the fish looks like a baby shark. Not sure but look at the way it swims half out of water and the dorsal fin.

Interesting clip anyway. Thanks.