Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10

A cute video sent by Joyce.

And a cute Flap and Fold video by Skipper

May 10 FilmLoop

On a much more serious note the news is reporting the Fire on catalina Island...this is the info form the IWS forum as of May 10, 8:00pm Ca time...

Please remember this situation these people and wildlife in the are I think the IWS office and Peter's home are in the evacuation area (he lives 300 yards from the IWS office and it is northwest of Sumner.

They just talked about the eaglets on the news. Said they were okay......for now

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Mauley said...

Glo, the highlight of my day is getting to see the Feed Bits. Thanks so much. I appreciate your hard work which makes me so happy. love ya donna