Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11

Noon News out of Channel 7 in CA

All the nests are safe and in no danger, they will allow residents to return to Avalon this afternoon.
11:20 AM picture update

Hovercraft loaded with Firetrucks

Cataline close to 10 AM This morning

Catalina Fire and IWS info
I will update this info as it is available during the day.

Post from Dr Sharp made just minutes ago at 7:24am CA time
I gave a talk in La Canada yesterday afternoon, so I never even went back to the island because my house is in the part of town that was evacuated. There is still power in Avalon because we were able to call our answering machine. Steffani was in the field yesterday and got caught on the other side of the fire from town, so she is staying at Middle Ranch. All the nests and Pimu should be fine. I'll return to the island once they allow people back into their homes.

and in response to a ? about the safety of his wife and if animals were also allowed to evacuate here is Dr Sharpe's answer.

Darwin is my new puppy. And yes, Donna and Darwin came off on a boat last night before things became hectic with the evacuation

8:02 am CA time:

It was just reported that Avalon is out of immediate danger. It's 10% contained. Things are definitely looking up! Good job to all concerned

Good morning all. I just saw the morning fire update on local TV and the situation looks much better this morning! The overnight efforts and the weather helped considerably. As long as the wind stays down, and with all the emergency response from the military and others it seems to be under control. Hopefully the IWS crew will be able to post an update when they can to let us know their experience of it. I'll check back in when I get to work.


Rj said...

Stayed up until midnight, watching the fire on our local station. They mentioned that the Eagles were not in danger.A beautiful historic spot for those of us in So. California.... and to think that Dr. Sharpe was in La Canada yesterday! Wow, I could have hopped over and heard him! About 10 mins away!

normabyrd said...

GLO---I can't thank you enough for your pics & messages about the fire!!---ENJOY reading your "For the Love of Eagles" so very much-----Thanks to VICKY & IRIS too!!!!!---NORMABYRD