Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26

California chicks to be banded. West End chicks on Sunday and Twin Rocks on Monday. I believe the banding date for SC is June 8. If I get any more info I will give it to you.

What the numbers mean for the CA chicks.

The wing tag numbers are determined as follows: the first number represents the year in which they were hatched (i.e. 7 for 2007) and the second number is the number of the chick of that year. The letter K and wing color represents the Catalina Island project. (Santa Cruz’s uses the letter A and the color blue). Given that this year we had more chicks than anyone expected we had to use other numbers that were available even if they didn’t begin with a 7. We used K00 and K03. The rest are K71, K72, K73, K74, K75, K76, K77, K78, and K79. If you are wondering about K70, that number was already used in 1997, and that eagle is still out there somewhere.


Time info as I have it right now....

5/26/07: The West End chicks will be banded on 5/27 and we will likely arrive at the nest between noon and 1 pm. It will probably take about and hour and half, so the chicks will likely be out of view for a while.

The Two Harbors chicks will be banded on 5/30.

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MEMA Jo said...

Great coverage! Your FTLOE is a one stop shop for info on all sites. Love the captions Especially about the
Egg-Mate! Sometimes I think it has collapsed but there it is again. I swear that Dr Sharpe was there and dropped a wooden one - or like Loraine said - the Easter Bunny left a plastic one!