Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19

This is a great video...I think its a pillow fish

May 19 FilmLoop

Hornsby Update
Written by Doug Carrick:

All goes well for the chick (chicks?). At nine this morning the eagle stole a midshipman from the crows and flew it up to the nest. At nine-thirty it caught a midshipman itself and also flew it up to the nest and at nine-forty it caught one for itself, eating it on "dinner rock" used for such occasions. Activity such as this occurs at low tide when all sorts of yummies are exposed.

If the chick hatched on April 28 as estimated, it would now be two weeks old. Every week increases its chance of survival. There could possibly be two chicks, but I have no way of knowing - not until late June or early July when they climb up on the edge of the nest to exercise their wings. Likewise there is no way I can get a photograph until then.


MEMA Jo said...

This was so enjoyable to view - like for a moment they didn't know who had the fish! Always learning something from these feathered friends - I had to look up Midshipman because I didn't know there was a fish by that name. I was thinking about the Naval Academy which is right down in Annapolis! lol Thanks Glo!

movin said...

I couldn't find "pillow fish" in Wikipedia, but it looked to me like one of the ray-related, bottom-feeding sharks. A shovelnosed shark is one of that variety, but this looks somewhat different.

They would have to be fishing salt water to get what I am talking about though.


theeaglesrock said...

I believe that a good part of the fish that the eagles catch are salt water give the location on Vancouver Island.

Great clips and videos as usual Glo!