Friday, May 04, 2007

May 4..You don't want to miss this movie...and ? maybe Great news at Hornby!!!

Written by Doug Carrick: on Hornby Island Eagles

April 28 - Estimated date for first egg to hatch.
April 29 - Saw both eagles sitting side by side on the perch tree for 20 minutes.

Conclusion: No viable eggs or the eagles wouldn't leave the eggs or chick that long

May 1 - Noises coming from nest. Eagle later landed in nest.
May 2 - Noises between eagle in nest and one in perch tree.
May 3 - Great noises from the nest when other eagles flew over the nest.

Conclusion: Perhaps there is still something going on in the nest.

May 4 - Low tide at 1:30 pm. Crows found a midshipman (9 inch fish) in the seaweed. The eagle stole the midshipman from the crows and flew it directly to the nest.

Conclusion: There must be a chick in the nest to feed.

I did not make a report earlier because I just wasn't sure what was going on until today.

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IrisF said...

Glo, that is the funniest movie - these eagles sure know how to make us laugh as well as cry! Great captures of hilarious moments! Hugs, Iris