Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 2 A FilmLoop and A Music Video for you


MEMA Jo said...

So many memories while watching the video. Music was a perfect match for the performance. Soon those wings will be soaring up in the sky!

glo said...

Yes it does bring back those first memories of the first 3 so many of us watched do the flapping and the branching and alas the fledging.

I will always hold their memories in my heart. They are precisely why I continue to work so hard to share my love of eagles with others who share this passion.

I often wonder how they are, where thay are, how did they fare this past winter, and where will they spend spring and summer etc.

Meanwhile these 3 are beginning their flight preparations. I am thankful for memories and the new offspring that re-create those and leave memories of their own as well.

normabyrd said...

Those KENT pictures are the BEST--Brings back memories of OUR THREE!-----I watched their video again--I can still see them in my mind----Will KEEP them in my heart forever---THANKS GLO for making this possible----Norma