Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day...Soar Like an Eagle

Video link...In Memoriam 0f the Love of My Life...and so many many more Military men and women loved by all of you too

Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

Yes the love of My Life was a Marine, a wonderful Husband and Father and a Preacher of the Word.

I can think of no better day and time to share his love of the Lord and his country with you whom I have come to know out here in eagle land. I spent my time at his grave today remembering all he lived and died for.

Mostly though I live on with the knowledge of the One whom he served until the very end. As his late wife and the mother of his children it remains my/our prayer that you know the Friend of Friends who laid down His life also for you.

God and Country in that order...those values touch the depth of my soul as much today as ever. I spend time each day in gratitude for those who served. I pray for the safe return for those who are away now in service. I pray that America will always remember that God shed His grace on Thee.

These eagles we watch thrive and soar over our land remain a symbol of Courage, Freedom, and the very will to survive!!! This year the eagles have taught me so very much more about the struggle and yet majestic beauty involved in Soaring like an Eagle. It is not an easy life. It is wrought with peril from the nest to the sky. Man has also inflicted its own kind of peril on this majestic creature. America you must continue to always persevere even through tough times.

Video Link...A Memorial Day Tribute for Eagle Lovers

Video Link...Never to be Forgotten

Some of you may have already seen these next two links but many have not

Video link...Remembering

Video Link...Silent Embrace

Norfolk Eaglets decided to go Out on a limb and Celebrate Memorial Day. What a fun time to make a video of their celebration.

And a closing video
Never forget; Always Remember


Just Vicky said...

Outstanding work Glo! You are the marvelous woman today that he would be proud of and he would take pleasure in knowing that he got to be a part of your life!

Joyce said...

I am in tears. Moved to thanksgiving for the life your dear husband led, and the God he served. I pay tribute to him,along with all the others' who faithfully serve and have served our land.
Thank You God , for the ultimate sacrifice on the Cross, so that we can soar free from our sins, and be raised up on Eagles Wings

Genie said...

Like Joyce, I too am in tears. What a beautiful tribute to your husband and all the men and women who have served and are serving our country. You are a special lady, Glo, and I know your love and devotion were give to a very special man. I thank God for allowing me to know you through His magnificent eagles

MEMA Jo said...

You are a special lady, Glo and I can only thank you from the depth of my heart for the tributes you have given not only to your special man but to all the brave men and women who serve our country. May the EAGLES FLY HIGH
in honor of our land.