Monday, August 20, 2007

Not such good news for this new post

This was just posted on the IWS forum.

I'm sorry to announce that A-63 is dead.

He was found in the middle of a road in northern Nevada on Wednesday, August 15th by a gentlemen driving by at 70 mph who saw our bird with wingmarkers, etc. and stopped to check it out because he thought someone was probably tracking it. He got our phone number off the GPS unit and also called the Bird Banding Lab number on the leg band. We can only assume that he was killed by a car while scavenging for food on the highway. The GPS unit had been knocked off and run over, but our good samaritan is going to send it to us anyways. He choose not to pick up the carcass because he didn't want to carry around a dead animal, it would have been illegal and he would have carried it across state lines without the proper permits. By now it has probably been dragged off by scavengers, so we won't attempt to recover it. Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

Eagle Guy AKA Dr Sharpe

A Tribute for an Awesome yet Very very young Eagle.....Soar on through Eternity you have had more of an effect on the lives of many humans than you will ever know, or we will ever forget!


glo said...

Written last evening from her heart by Deb,of IWS forum just shortly after the sad news of Limuw

The scientific world knew the eaglet as A-63
But he'll always be Limuw and Little One to me.

He started his life struggle breaking free of a shell
Learning eagle lessons that would serve him well.

Strength and curiosity he had more than enough
Unwanted visitors quickly learned that he's tough.

He peeped, he hopped, he wingercised everyday
But his fledging meant soon he would be on his way.

One bright early morn perched on the stub one last time
He turned to the wind, wings lifted and climbed.

Soaring to adventure and whole other parts
Taking well wishes and hopes for this start.

You are gone from the earth, you are gone from the skies
But you live on in Cruzers, in their hearts deep inside!

Mauley said...

I am thinking that this hurts so deeply it is like losing Belle and Liberty's little clutch and it is a sorrow that comes from the caves and caverns of the soil of our sould. I will see you again Limuw, of this I am sure, Little One.

IrisF said...

What a lovely tribute poem Deb and Video Glo. Limuw was a feisty one from the beginning and captured all of our hearts. There he will remain because we learned so much more about eaglet behavior from him during his short life.

MEMA Jo said...

Deb's poem is straight from the heart! Sweet peeps had a way of capturing 'hearts'! He was the miracle eagle - 1st to hatch naturally without any human help. Loved seeing him and hearing him!
Soar onward and upward, Limuw

glo said...

Thanks to those of you who are reading and sharing a little bit today as you hear the news and settle within your own heart what it means to watch these eagles as they nest and raise and fledge their young.

Limuw taught me there is something a lot harder than just letting go when these young Eagles fledge.

We know in our heads that the first year is critical and they don't all make it. Now we know in our heart one named Limuw who had just a few short but very captivating months.

IS 40:31 They shall rise up on wings as eagles

Limuw soars on in my heart on the wings of HOPE and Faith,

but that same heart has a new break in it that only He not I can begin to understand

Genie said...

I lighted a candle, but it is almost more than I can stand. I spent so many happy hours laughing and loving that little bobbleheaded chick, watching him refuse to go to bed for Dad, growing into a strong and beautiful eaglet, and then watching him strenthen his wings and finally fly for the first time, and then soar so free and beautiful.

I think I wish that I had not been told of the sad end to what was to have been. But then I think I have to learn to accept. Now I just wish I could stop crying

glo said...

I know Genie I don't think I really like knowing what happened after the fledge either to be honest. I do think the wing blings have their place for those working with the eagles and learning about their ways etc etc as it is being used ot help them, but for us who watch and get so very attached it is certainly a very hard ending. (((((hugs)))))