Monday, August 06, 2007

Tribute to Florida Maine and West Virginia

If you find yourself not able to read some of what is written here because of the speed of the movie just merely hit pause and finish that screen; hit unpause and contine to enjoy th movie.

A tribute to 3 Beautiful Pairs of Eagles

Also as we wrap up the 2007 Season I want to mention that the Maine cam is often online and an eagle can occasionally be seen on the nest. Check it out you might get lucky.

Remember all of the cams are linked on the left side of the For the Love of Eagles BLOG.

ALSO if you are interested in a souvenir from this year, I have made a few items for you to look at. None of these have any mark up. There is no profit. I want a souvenir or two and I think some of you may also like to have something. So take a look if you like.

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Mauley said...

Glo, I cried through all the tributes. thank you so much. God Bless You today donna