Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22

Neat Video from SC and A 63 with Dad


normabyrd said...

BEAUTIFUL PIC GLO!!!---#63 became a favorite of mine when he looked them in the EYE & said "GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN"---He certainly didn't go "quietly into the bag"--ho!--He has SPUNK!!!---May he SOAR FOREVER!!!!

glo said...

Yes Norma this one has lots and lots of spunk...must be a cousin of "You know who!!!!"

movin said...

Great video, Glo, but it's confusing...the title says "harrassment by a gull." Was that the sound in the background, which caused the father to call out so strongly?

And what was the cause of the eaglet's hostility? Was he frightened by the father coming in so fast? Anyway, he appeared to be ready to take on his father for a while.

Did you see the young one when the father was warning the gull?

A little breakfast served personally by Dad seemed to 'soothe the ruffled feathers.'

Thanks for the look at them together under these unusual circumstances.