Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 14

Flag Day in the USA. A very special day for lots of us as we remember the events of Flag day 2006. You weren't there, well no problem. You love eagles or you would not be reading this BLOG; therefore you will also love this story. Follow this link...we would love to share it with you.

Fledging and Flapping

It is that time in the nests we have enjoyed over the past several months. It is also summer and time for family and friends. I have loved doing the For the Love of Eagles BLOG for all of you. I have seen and been able to share things I never even thought I would ever see in my own lifetime. I am in awe of this Majestic bird and its comeback in our country. My plan is to continue to enjoy the Eagle and to share those "Treasures" with you; however, at this point I will be cutting down the number of new threads on the BLOG as this Eagle Season winds down and we one by one bid our New Young Eagles a very fond and if I remember correctly for many of us a teary farewell. I will be doing my best to give a weekly update on our Eaglets as they each prepare to Soar.

I do want to Thank any and all who have sent photos and left comments as the weeks have gone by. Sharing this journey with others certainly increases the joy. Its just way too good to keep to oneself.

I particularly want to Thank Iris for her coverage of the Blackwater Eagles, Suzanne for her faithfulness in sending off any and all photos of Liberty and Belle from NCTC, and most of all Vicky who has visited many cams and sent me on an almost daily basis many of the photos shared with you in the FilmLoops.

My wish for all of you is an enjoyable time with family and friends. I have some wonderful family visits about to happen for me in the next week or so, which is part of my choice of timing to change this now to a weekly update. Others of you I am sure look forward to gardening and vacationing. Watch for that FeedBlitz email telling you of a new update to the BLOG. The Quantity may change but my plan is for each thread to be of Quality.

For those of you wanting a more on hands daily type of contact, most of the cams listed on the side of this BLOG have Blogs and Forums associated with them. All that I am aware of welcome lurkers who want to stop bye to read the happenings. I am sure all would also welcome new members who want to contribute in some way to that particular eagle cam community.

If you do not have a BLOG or Forum you consider as home base, or are an abundantly chatty and sharing kind of person just looking for a place to share fun and valuable info on eagles or lots of other types of items, I would invite you to feel welcome to contribute in anyway to the newly started forum off of this BLOG.

You will find it linked on the left side of the BLOG or the url is

link to forum here

Also the Eagle Cam chatroom which you enter at the top left of the main For the Love of Eagles BLOG is active especially during the evenings. We would love for any of you to stop bye and chat with us.

For those of you feeling a little like you are heading for that Empty Nest syndrome, there is a place called If you will visit their website, chances are excellent you will not feel like an Emptynester All Year Long...

FilmLoop for June 13


Anonymous said...

i just wanted to thank you for the film loops, links and other information. not having time to watch cams, i have found your blog to be a wonderful way to keep up with the eagle world!
thanks again...
a lurker :)

Joyce said...

Thank you Glo for this wonderful, and for me, a LIFE CHANGING blog. I follow the Eagles very easily with all the links, and updates, and have made some forever friends here.
I will continue to be here, albeit not as much during the summer months.

Gabby said...

Thank You GLO, VICKY, SUZANNE,JEWELL, And all you crazy EAGLE watchers, your forum was/is hysterical!!! what a Great bunch in there, wish i could visit more often!!! thanks for the great updates and film loops, I have learned much here and just want to say ,YOU are ALL very much appreciated for your dedicated work!!.........d.j