Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16 some info and Videos for you

6 Eaglets will soon have names:

Have you been watching the California nests. Did you see Santa Cruz lose one egg, and then hold on through gale force winds to continue to incubate what we now know as A 63. Did you watch Dr Sharpe take away eggs that may not have hatched from Two Harbors and West End, and replace them with wooden eggs? Then a few weeks later did you see those wooden eggs traded for live baby eaglets. Remember K 10 who hid his little surprise for sometime when K 26 returned to the nest. Have you watched the banding? Did you worry that Harry Houdini might fall off the edge at West End. Well now it is time for those who have watched and followed to come up with names for these 6 Young Eagles. They will be accepting name suggestions through midnight nest time on June 18.

More info or if you have names to suggest then go here

I have had a little more time this week to make a few videos. Have you seen these?


movin said...

Loved the videos...and the musical selection, Glo.


carolinabeachmom said...

Wow Glo! Just finished watching your new videos. They were great! Sent them on to my sister so her second grader could enjoy them. Shanks for this blog.