Monday, June 11, 2007

Its Skye and FilmLoop for June 10 and 11

FilmLoop for June 10 and 11 is here:

The winning name for the Saanich eaglet is Skye. Congratulations to John Simpson for submitting the winning entry. He stated the reason he chose the name Skye was "the chick is often looking skyward; she/he will be spending a great deal of it's life in the 'sky', it sounds like a 'cool' name for an eagle.

Here is a link to a video of Skye at 51 days old.

More great eagle information you may want to know about

and from Lisa the Webmaster for Blackwater comes this info

We're seeing less of the eaglets, which means they're becoming more independent.

We'll shut down the Eagle Cam around the end of June. The Osprey Cam will stay online into the winter, since eagles will visit once the ospreys migrate.


Anonymous said...

What a great clip of Skye (love the name by the way) waking up. Love the big yawns!

MEMA Jo said...

Thanks Glo for such a complete coverage of our eagle cams! Puget Sound is almost ready to give up EggMate! lol The clip of Skye is great..

movin said...

Reminds me of myself when I was a growing boy, Glo...couple of weeks ago.

Loved to sleep late on the weekends.

Looking at the young one's profile, I'd say Skye is a boy eagle.