Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 21 thru 24

YES A 63 at Santa Cruz is a Boy!!! Meet Limuw

Starlet Capers

From CDN-CDN at IWS Forums this

Ode to the Chicks
Twelve eagle chicks were hatched this spring
Recently all have received their "bling"
Eleven have orange tags, and one has blue
Such special eaglets to me and you

Triplets at the West End - what a thrill!
We were all afraid that Harry would take a spill
Dianna, Wray, and Superman
Have fed their chicklets as fast as they can
It has been amazing to watch their three
Get along so well - a happy family

At Two Harbors we have quite a pair
Our Rock Stars sit and stare and stare
Their parents are always so sweet
We just think that their nest needs to be neat
Rascal K78 has been wandering away from the scene
His sister K79 isn't quite as keen

Over on Santa Cruz Island on April 13
We watched, and it was such a blessing
After a stormy night and on a glorious morn
Our Sweet Peeps, A63, was born
Cruz has a brother! What a delight!
It was such a relief after a terribly windy night
K10 and K26 deserve a round of applause
For such young parents, they've done a really great job

Thanks to Peter , Steffani , and the whole IWS crew
We've also seen the Pinnacle, Seal, and Twin Rocks chicks as they grew
The Channel Islands eaglets have given such joy to all of us
The pleasure of watching them grow has been marvelous
It's time to give back - please do what you can
To contribute to our Nest Adoption Plan!

-CDN June 20

Thanks to Suzanne for all the pictures and most of the captions in this cute video.

OK Your turn....Please play along LOL


Just Vicky said...

"See I don't have it!"

Just Vicky said...

"Do you think I'm ready to fly?"

Just Vicky said...

"Can I go up there on that limb with you and dad?"

Just Vicky said...

"How's that for a chest!"

Anonymous said...

Watch were you're sticking those wings little one!

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normabyrd said...
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glo said...

Sure I will stand on my head for my family...well right now anyway :)

movin said...

If you think you are getting a piece of this Filet Mignon, Little Brother, you've got another 'think' coming!!