Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18 sadness in Maine, and a smile from Norfolk and Santa Cruz

Like so many others I can find no words as I stop to check the Maine Forum for info this morning. I just wanted to say another storm has proven too much for a stalwert pair of eagles and the Maine nest has lost their little ones in this very sad. I liked the first report better before we got to see their young, and watch them try to weather the storm much like many of us did with Belle at the NCTC nest. Another nest has lost its young due to the extreme weather conditions and we who watch are among many many who are saddened once again today, and our hearts ache for the Pair of Eagles we came to so admire from Maine.

As some are saying on the forum this will give Ddad a chance to hopefully heal now. And Mom will not be sitting there all day in the drenching rain and cold wind. They too did their best, but they lost.

Yet there are people out their whose nests were barely nearing the fledging stage who have lost their kids to a senseless tragedy at VA Tech. A time to weep is upon is once again as a nation.

And as far as Little Miracle and Stormy...who may also be referred to as Angel, their few short hours in this world has rewritten some of what the "experts" thought they knew about eagles. The facts on eagles now because of the two hatchings will include something such as....

From Judy B of the Maine forum

Recent studies have shown that eggs in a well-constructed nest with a deep well-insulated nest bowl can be left untended in sub-zero temperatures and still hatch.

I find saying goodbye is harder because I've seen Miracle (and maybe Stormy) but if it weren't for their brief lives, we'd know less about eagles than we do now.

I know in my head that Dad will have a better chance to heal over the summer if he doesn't have to provide for a nest, but that seems mighty cold comfort right at the moment.

Rest in peace, little guys.

On a lot lighter note I made a Feel Good Movie starring Eaglet number 3 from Norfolk, and a very cute litle fuzzball from Santa Cruz

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