Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20

First there is a new baby eaglet at Saanich

Copy and paste into Windows Media player to watch the first feeding

A Big Thank You to Sierra from the Hancock forum who captured this priceless memory

Second there is a New eagle Cam out of Stanley Park in BC
you will find it linked with all the other cams at the side of the BLOG in alphabetical order. This one will say BC Stanley Park.

Here is a cute link to an early wake up call with the Triplets from Norfolk LOL

Peace and Serenity in Maine, Healthy babies in Bartons Cove and a Brand New Baby Eaglet to see from.......

The courtship Flight

The eagle pair stays together for life…
And each year they renew their vows in
The ceremonial courtship flight the eagle
Pair, high in the sky, performs a beautiful
Ballet of wings in motion. At one point
The eagles fly away from each other, then
Turn and glide towards each other again.
As they approach one eagle turns up side
down as the two extends their legs and
locks talons… The unity of this moment
is what inspired me to do the painting…
and then, an extraordinary free fall of
rolling and tumbling together as one. Oh,
what magnificent birds-what a gift, that
of flight. What surrounds us if
we only take the time to see.

By... Mario Fernandez

" Each year a Bald Eagle couple will renew their life-long commitment in a courtship flight. The pair engages in a crescendo of airborne acrobatics. At the finale of this dance, they lock talons and, intensely mesmerized by each other, share a dazzling and daring free fall from the sky. For hundreds of feet they tumble together at incredible speeds and then.... just before they reach the surface of the water below, they create magic, opening their wings and break away. The courtship flight is at an end. The vows are renewed, and life together will continue. "

Quote by... Mario Fernandez

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