Monday, April 23, 2007

Great photos of an injured eagle found in Jan. and released to Freely Soar on Sunday April 22. Thanls Bird of Prey for this information.
A fun way to start the week, a short video in French celebrating the early morning feeding of Saanich eaglet

An enjoyable clip from Bartons Cove sunday Thanks Sharon

Info on Hornsby
Doug Carrick's updated report on the Hornby Mom and Dad and the two eggs that have been laid this spring. They are due to hatch April 28th (this Saturday) and May 2nd. Will keep you posted as I know we have many fans and fond memories of the this beautiful pair who started the ball rolling and turned many of us into eagleholics.

Harry: the true friend of the Eagle Pair at Saanich spent some time filming them yesterday: Here is his Beautiful work.
Todays FilmLoop

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