Saturday, April 05, 2008

April 5

Taking Care of Tiny at NCTC

Look at the Eagle puppet relating to wee one at TH

My Eagles are gone but Pelicans have arrived in the Quad Cities


IrisF said...

Glo, I loved the photos of the Pelicans... Our pelicans here have a darker color body, probably a different species, but they are such fun to watch.. You have some really good pictures there, thanks for sharing.

Costume Lady said...

Looking at the Pelicans reminds me of the time we were fishing in Sanabel Island, Fla. and Capt. Eagle and Son-in-Law caught a pelican on the fishing line. What a time they had getting him freed. I think they were both em barrased because they caught a Pelican and not a fish.

Just Vicky said...

Wow, more beauties to look at! Thanks Glo!