Friday, July 25, 2008

July 21 6am The beginning of a very difficult week

So where have I been all week. Actually we have had a tremendous storm at 6 am Monday morning. I was without power until Wed evening and remain without phone. I am thankful for a neighbor who is willing to let me use their computer to upload a short picture video of only the surface of what we found when morning "broke" on Monday. I have many many pictures as the days have gone by and will make a longer story of life as it has happened this week in the Quad Cities once I get my phone service back.

Here are a couple of photos from my street and the video below starts with what I saw when I looked across the street to see how things looked after the storm which packed 100 mph winds had finally passed. I apologize for the blur of the first picture but I was shocked and grabbed my phone which did not work followed by my camera and Dex and I then headed out the door to see if the neighbors we both love so much were in fact OK after the storm.


IrisF said...

Well lady, difficult as it all was, you still kept your sense of humor!!! Amazing. We are all praying for you and I will add the shelter too. You and Dex take good care of each other please. Hope you get phone service really soon. I miss you so much! Love and hugs and prayers, Iris

Mema Jo said...

So thankful you and Dex are safe!
I was really worried and concerned for you over these past days. So grateful and happy to hear from you!

wvgal_dana said...

Glo you are the same as usual. Always ready to help someone else. I am sure all the trees down is such a shock to you. You, Dex and your area there have been in my prayers since I heard. Hope phone soon gets restored. I just praise God everyone is alright.
Hugs wvgal_dana

Costume Lady said...

Glo, so sorry this has happend to you and your neighbors, but it seems that you all have the love of each other to get through this. Remember: This too shall pass.

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness Glo! What a sight. I had no idea that your town had a major storm. I will be praying that the cleanup will go smoothly.One thing sure is beautifully green!
Hugs from Los Angeles.

Anne-Marie said...

My Goodness you really do pay a price to live in such a beautiful place. My prayers are with you and those you love. Give Dex a hug. Anne