Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Place Dear to My Heart

Tomorrow Oct 1 I plan to make a trip to Hoo Haven. This is the place from which Ruffles...or actually Ruffles the second :) was rehabilitated and released back to his home nest area in August..

Click here for an update on Ruffles Jr. from the main Hoo Haven Website

Also be sure to read the story of Lauren Townsend Memorial on that website. I too had been prompted to watch that movie. I do find that awesomely strange and awe inspiring as most folks know I really do not watch all that much TV. I had no idea I would find reference to the story this morning as I was reading Hoo Havens home page as I prepare my trunk for the donations I will bring to this special place.

Hoo Haven like all of us finds its budget somewhat stressed. These animals are all very well cared for but they will need more folks to donate what they can to keep them fed. Would you consider making a donation to them perhaps for Christmas. Clicking here or on the above link to their website to see some donation options.

I hope you will enjoy the Hoo Haven Video. Double Clicking on the lower right of the video on the word You Tube will open it into You Tube. There you will be able to expand it and watch the Full Screen video.


IrisF said...

I really enjoyed that video and watching the release of Ruffles2 again. What a privilege for you to be able to be there to watch it in person! And what a kind person you are to load your trunk with food for Hoo Haven! The world needs more Glo's, for sure! Bless the work they are doing for our less fortunate furred and feathered friends!

magpie said...

Very fine, GLO - so heartwarming to see, and to know that there are people who devote their time and talents to our national wildlife.
So glad you are a part of it too, for you, and for Hoo Haven!
Thanks so much.
Love, Magpie xoxo