Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12 around the nestcams

The sound does not play well during the video portion but be patient about 1 minute into this is photos and the song can be heard just fine.

Click to play Feb 12
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Mema Jo said...

Awesome coverage of all our favorites!
((hugs)) ♥

wvgal_dana said...

As I watched this and listened to the deep beautiful music. I thought of our adults. Their 1st set of eaglets are 5 yrs old, next set are 4 yrs old now and our Spunky, MsInBetweeen and Bigboy are 3 yrs. old. Some will be coming back into the area of their birth and fledged. A wonder of wonders how God creates. How HE put within a bird, raptor, animal an instinct to do as it does.

A Home Coming To Be Seen !