Thursday, December 06, 2007

Whats New and A Merry Christmas or Two

Eagle Restorations on Catalina continue in full swing. Click here to see what this man Dr Sharpe did with a little help from Steffani for the eagles who are close to a Reservoir on Catalina Island.....

New Camera is in place at Twin Rocks. I will add its url to the side of the BLOG as soon as I know it OR perhaps you will enter under CA which right now takes you to links for all of the California nests we watch.

Click here to Take a look at what the view is going to be like as we enjoy this nest...

In other news,
The Blackwater Cam... BW... and Tesoro FL cams are both coming online for their new season anytime now. Please check those links frequently so you will know and not miss the start of "Their particular Cam Eagle Viewing season.

CAPE CORAL ...CC.... appears to have been nesting a few days now. I predict a hatch on or about Jan 6. If this is correct it will be our First hatched chick of the New Eagle Season.

Bartons Cove of Northeast Utilities...... well as Norfolk are both aiming at having their cams online around the end of December. Norfolk ....NO..... is planning to add infrared lighting so we will enjoy 24/7 viewing on that nest.
Norfolk Eagles have build a new nest this year. Two years of triplets has taken its toll on the old nest. Here is a picture of their new judged to be about 500 lbs currently nest.

You can read more info and see a couple of neat slide shows by clicking here:

Maine ...ME...... and NCTC nests have both weathered their first snow storms of the season. I sincerely hope as do many of those who love these two pairs, that this years nesting season turns out a whole lot easier to weather than last year. Liberty and Belle of NCTC continue their very frequent visits to their nest.

Maine is sounding much more vocal in the last few days and there have been several sightings of eagles on the nest including a young juvenile playing in the nest after the snowstorm early this week.

You can enjoy that video by clicking here:

The Colorado Cam... CO....came online in the past week

Kent ....KE....... seems to have done some work as the hol ein the center of the nest made by under the nest resident George the squirrel seems ot have been mended.

You have no doubt noticed thatI have included the abbreviations used in the Chatroom and on this BLOG during the active season as a reminder so readers will know which nests are being referred too even if they are not spelled completely out.


DixieBird said...

Glo...Thank you for doing all that you do! Especially for the reminder of what the abbreviations mean. I'm kind of new to viewing the eagles and can't always remember what they stand for.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for such a great overall update on all the nests! i always check your blog for eagle news because you keep us informed on so many nests! thanks again and merry christmas!