Friday, October 10, 2008

Nestorations Coast to Coast


Costume Lady said...

What a great reminder of Thing to Come!

Mema Jo said...

It's so good to see them working in pairs! Their personalities show when they start the nestorations!

IrisF said...

Wow is it that time already? I saw Joyce say that the Sannich B.C. couple is back too! Is it me or are these cycles coming around quicker and quicker? Goodness, that must mean that in a few weeks your multitude of eagles will be back on the river, right? Thanks much, for reminding me that our feathered friends are also looking forward to another season!

Joyce said...

I loved this. Didn't realize that Pelican Harbor returned too, and NCTC!
I am so ready!
Thanks again Glo for the great video.