Friday, December 05, 2008

2009 Eagle Season is well underway already

Lets see. Remember all of the eaglecams are linked on the side of the BLOG. Over the next week or so I will need to delete a few that are no longer online; change a link or two for some who have updated their cams and add a new cam or two.

Please advise me of any broken links or new cams if they are not posted there, or are needing revised or deleted. I would be so grateful for your help with this.

This is what I know so far.

Cape Coral
New Link

Blackwater cam went live on Dec 3. There is no change in that

California has a new cam site

Turtle Bay in Redding CA
You will need the latest version of Quicktime to watch this cam however

IWS out of California
has done a lot of changes with their cams with most likely more
to come. You access all their cams same as last year. Good
News for many is No Neokast this year.

Fort St Vrain
May have sound this year. They still have a few things to work
out before actually comin gonline so stay tuned.

No news on Libby or Oklahoma that I can find yet.

is very regularly seeing eagles on the nest; including
that continued drama with the intruder. There was a fun visit
last week with an eagle and a raven.

Click here to enjoy a fairly long video of very unusual situation

Next wednesday the plans are to move the cam back to the old
nest site where it appears the pair has chosen to nest this
year. For many of us this is great news.

Has a new set up which should be lots of fun this year and it is also scheduled for some additional tweaking next Monday.

Oregon has a beautiful eagles nest with snow in it. Now there's

a surprise.

has had visitors twice this week

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Joyce said...

Waving Happily from here in Los Angeles!!! HELLO!! HELLO ...everyone!!
Oh I can't wait for more eagles. Today I tried out the new Eagle Cam in Redding,Ca and there were multiple visits from both Eagles. Site only goes for 22 minutes without refreshing but is a beautiful site.

Thanks Glo for absolutely the best information on the internet about Bald Eagles!! You are the best of the BEST!!!