Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eaglecam Updates and special eagles around the country.

Click to see this photo larger I think its awesome. It sort of actually gives me chills to see all that is represented here.

Whats happening in Maine? click here

Norfolk back online Dec 15...Don't miss this awesome camera.

Update Dec 15 pm. Technical glitch so now a few days delay.

NCTC had a little problem with an eagle drying out its wings on the cam limb area and loosening some duct tape. A special visit was made back to the tree on Sat to remove the duct tape, reposition the cam once more which is now at an aswesome angle and the Eagle Cam is now secured with Gorilla tape. Since I was at work while this was happening and watching I was unable to capture any photos to share. As always as the new season kicks off we wish every pair a successful and healthy eagle season.

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