Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Harbors Compilation

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Thanks to the Cumbrians from the IWS forum for this compilation of Two harbos nest.


As we close this eagle Season and enjoy the memories of the Pairs in their nests and their families, there are also many new friendships that have been formed and several that continue to grow from Season to Season. Becuase of the multitiude of ways we eagle Folks have created to stay in touch, there are many choices to choose from as a way to stay connected during the remaining summer and fall. This BLOG provides you links to 2 of those which I sponsor and I sincerely hope you will take time to View and even join the forum You will see it linked on the left hand side near the top. Subjects are quite varied, with something to interest everyone I believe.

And of course the Eagle Chat roomalso remains active especially in the evenings. We have watched together some of the eggs actually being laid. We have watched The California Cams as Dr Sharpe did his miraculous work with the Fostering and we have watched bandings take place. What fun to be able to share instantly the reactions of awww and amazement, as well as occasional gasps and concerns in live chat as these events unfolded. I once again invite you to stop in and get to know some of us better on a more conversational level.

There are More Memory films and videos in the making so watch your FeedBlitz....these films will pretty much end the eagle season for this year, but an occasional Blitz might go out if something directly related and important to the Awesome Bird should come across in the news or online etc...I will of course share the information with you.

And whether or not you are the Forum or chatroom type of Eagle Lover, I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy and share The Love of Eagles with those who shared the journey this year. I look forward to next season and sharing once again the Highlights of the nests online with each of you. Thank You for stopping by to visit this BLOG.....I have so enjoyed and hope to keep your company for many a Season.

Godspeed to each and every eagle family represented here over the past several months.

Perhaps I will also try to come up with some kind of memory item for this For the Love of Eagles BLOG for the past season in the form of a mug, tshirt or calendar. If you would be interested in such an item would you please let me know in the comment section what kind of item you might like OR send an email to me giving me that info..... I would like to include something that has representation from a number of the nests, with good camera resolution so we get a good picture to enjoy on what is made. There will be no profit here, as there will be no mark up. Thus this is not a fundraiser of any sort for anyone...just a way to share a memory if I get the interest.

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movin said...

Great presentation, Glo, with many snaps I had not seen.

The printed material could be easier to read though.

Loved it anyway...