Monday, October 15, 2007

An Eagle Fix or two for you!

You color my world
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Catch every word and falling leaf....Hit the pause button and forward at your own speed. Lots more enjoyable.

Received this picture below right after I had finished and uploaded todays Smile Box...But just had to post it. I love it as we begin to see each Pair together for "their New Season". Yippee!!!


Marcia said...

Glo,I just LOVE today's smilebox with the autumn theme :-)Thank you SO MUCH. "Start working on your flying licenses Kent Fans" LOL!! *wink*

Gabby said...

I love love loved that!!!!!!!!! thank you Glo , that was quite beautiful...ahhhhh my eagle fix for the month!!!!! big hugs to you for a fine job on that video!!!!!d.j

Mauley said...

Glo, this is awesome. thanks so muc donna

Costume Lady said...

Glo, that was so special, thank you.

Joyce said...

Another SPLENDID video from Glo. You are the best!!
Loved your catch from Kent, Marcia!!


Anonymous said...

Glo, that was beautiful!