Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Good News

Thanks to Empty Belfry for sharing this info on the Maine Forum. I am passing this on to my readers as well.

If you love will definitely enjoy this cam...they were among the top 10 cams on the web with their coverage of this pair of eagles and their young last season....

Here is the news

Received an update on the NORFOLK NEST today

Following the departure of the female fledgling a large portion of the nest did indeed fall to the ground. Since that time the parents have been observed both refurbishing the old nest as well as adding sticks to a new nest in a different tree. It's too early to make a determination as to which site they'll use in the upcoming season. The eagles may not make that decision until egg laying time. We'll continue to observe and ensure that our cam is oriented in such a way as to capture most of the action.

Stephen Living
Watchable Wildlife Biologist
Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries

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