Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Happenings

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IrisF said...

Cool Halloween Card Glo, Happy Halloween to you too!!! Very creative - where do you come up with these ideas???

MEMA Jo said...

I loved it! Covered all the nests!
Thank you Glo and

Mauley said...

Glo, I loved it. I wish I could do the things to a puter that you do. I appreciate all you do to keep me up on all the happenings. love ya donna and Happy Halloween.

movin said...

Very appropriate for this season, Glo... Beautiful snapshots.


Joyce said...

Well you really outdid yourself this time Glo!!! INCREDIBLE work of art. You are the BEST!!!

Marcia said...

I'm a little late but wanted to say how much I enjoy the Smile Boxes :-)