Thursday, March 06, 2008

Eagle Cams and info abound

Eagle Season 2008

Wow our season is well underway. We have several nests with 3 eggs and one nest with 4. We also have several nests still in the nestoration mode.

Although I love following eagle cams online and NEVER thought there could possibly be too much of a good thing, I have come to a decision that along with the nest cams there is also available a wealth of information out there about the various nesting families.

To my knowledge most if not all of those cams are linked here on the side of the For the Love of Eagles BLOG.

I have many readers now subscribed to the feed from this site. Some of you have a favorite nest or two and my guess is you do watch and follow those nests closely. Some of you can not watch during the week and have used this BLOG to keep you up to date on those nests. For me although it has been a labor of love, it does involve a lot of time on my part to do this. It also involves a lot of emotional roller coaster rides as we all learn more and more about the eagle and their day to day struggles with weather, each other and other intrusions into their nesting area. I don't think I want to stay closely in touch with that roller coaster any longer.

For those who use this BLOG as your main source of information I am sorry to not be able to complete this season in an invested way for each nest. I am running out of time and energy to do that. I have decided this will be my last season for active nest watching, and have chosen one cam to focus on.

My Eaglecam online experience started with NCTC out of Shepherdstown WV. I want to be free to spend the bulk of this Eagle Season watching and enjoying Liberty and Belle. They are close to hatch time now and hopefully there will be lots of activity to enjoy from that nest cam. If you don't have a favorite nest, or if this is your first nesting season I want to invite you to come along for the ride. It will be quite an awesome experience for us I am sure.

Although I may include an occasional highlight from the other cams, I will not be continuing to follow them on a regular basis. Like all of you I will stop by the various forums and Blogs to see what is happening with some of my favorites.

I want to be sure that all of you do know how to find the info you want about the various happenings around the nestcams.

Judy B has an awesome sight called

Watching Eaglets Grow Here you will find such things as egg dates, hatch dates, photos etc. Check it out.

Lisa from Blackwater Wildlife Refuge has a wealth of information on Eagles and other Raptors here

or explore the entry page for much of the happenings at Blackwater here

Harpo/Deb does an awesome job out of IWS and the California cams. Check out their daily chat thread here and explore their site as well. Be sure to look for one of the first posts daily by Harpo 516 to learn all kinds of great info on eagles.

All of the information pictures and videos you could ever want from the California nests can be found on this site. Follow link to California cams on the left side of BLOG

Maine has Both a forum and a BLOG



Norfolk has a BLOG

Kent has a forum

Hancock Forum will do thorough coverage for the Hornby pair this year they can be found here

NCTC has a BLOG here, where you will see active coverage of the eagle nestcam and many other critter cams as well.

I am sure I have probably left out other sources of information . If you will email me the info or post it as a comment here for this particular feed then we can get any missed info out there.

Happy Eagle Season 2008. As always I wish each of our pairs and their young a wonderfully successful year.

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