Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18 at NCTC

A Beautiful Story of Love, Surrender and Commitment

The Saga of the Never Ending Old Carp ...Sing Along with me! LOL

You Are So Beautiful To Me one gorgeous early morning video clip


Joyce said...

Thank you for these clips! I haven't been able to watch much this week ( can we say " Easter Vacation for the children?LOL) and these are a great way for me to catch up. What a beautiful parents.

Just Vicky said...

What wonderful work again you have done on these Glo!!! Thanks a million Girl!

Red said...

Glo, I love these videos and your choice of music. I watch the nest a lot but you seem to catch it when I'm not watching. Thanks

Genie said...

These are just so wonderful. Even though I saw some of the "action" while it was happening...I love having your video's to play and replay. Thanks so much for doing these for us.